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Friday Yuk

By DMambo ·
Since we're Yukless at this late hour:

There was an old lady and her dog who lived on the coast.

Every day she and the dog would take a stroll along the beach. One day she stumbled across a bottle. She rubbed the bottle and a genie popped out, who said ?You have three wishes.? The old granny said ?I want a million dollars.? Within moments, she was sitting on a pile of cash.

Then she said, ?I want my old house to become a mansion.? Immediately, her house became a palace. Then she made her last wish: ?I want to become a beautiful young lady and my dog to be my handsome young husband.? ?Done,? the genie said and, as the lady and her dog were transformed, the genie disappeared.

The woman took her things and went home. Then she hopped into bed and took her new, handsome husband with her. Then he turned to her and said, ?Now aren't you thrilled you had me neutered??

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News Just In ...

by thefrown In reply to Friday Yuk

Marco Materazzi and Sophie Ellis Bextor have been found dead in a French International Footballer's hotel room ....

The Police are billing it as "Murder on Zidane's floor ..."

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Is this an inn joke of some sort - I don't get it.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to News Just In ...

But then I don't know any of the people you mention in it.

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Whew! Glad I wasn't

by Old Guy In reply to Is this an inn joke of so ...

the only one. :)

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Has to do ...

by thefrown In reply to Is this an inn joke of so ...

... with the World Cup Final.

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edited out

by X-MarCap In reply to Has to do ...

edited out

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Way to leave me out!

by Tig2 In reply to edited out

I shall console myself with 25 year old Glen Farclas and pout a lot!

*pouting now*

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Well, it's just like the "World Series" in baseball

by neilb@uk In reply to edited out

except it's football and the whole world does play in it (unlike the World Series). We'd all love you a little more if you dropped the "World Series" bollocks and named it something more appropriate such as "United States Baseball Cup". I know that there's a couple (one?) team from Canada and they play it a bit in Japan but World Series in a sport no-one else plays - really!

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Nowhere else, except

by faradhi In reply to Well, it's just like the ...

Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Korea, Phillipeans....

I could go on but that is just the ones off the top of my head. There are players from all those countries and more playing in Major League Baseball.

Granted it is still not as many as Soccer (football) but nevertheless, it is played around the world.

Also, there is no Cup in baseball except the one covering the players nads.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Well, it's just like the ...

Plus, the winners of the Super Bowl, are crowned World Champs!!
Take that you limeys!!.... oh wait!!! :0

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edited out

by X-MarCap In reply to Well, it's just like the ...

edited out

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