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    FrontPage 2000 Options Greyed Out!!


    by rich tech republic ·

    I am installing a network version of Office 2000 (I have 2 administration points on the network – one with SP1 and one without SP1). Everything appears to install great, but I have found some options within FrontPage 2000 are greyed out.

    For example, under tables the option to include a background image is greyed out. As well, the options to change the color of table cell borders are inactive.

    Does anyone have any idea what options control these features and how I might be able to fix them? I have re-installed Office 2K (premium edition btw)a few times (network install, local install, patched version, unpatched version) and each time the same problems show up.

    I am actually pretty sure the problem is not with the office installbut with the OS itself (WIndows95b, but I cannot figure it out.


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      by ~~~~~~ ·

      In reply to FrontPage 2000 Options Greyed Out!!


      There are quite a few items greyed out,
      I have also tried re-installing Frontpage, patches, updates, extensions, and still no

      Drop me a line..

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        Fixed Problem

        by rich tech republic ·

        In reply to I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM

        I have fixed my problem, but I still do not what caused the problem to happen in the first place. What I did to fix it was to re-install the network installation point. For some unknown reason this allowed me to re-install Office2K and have all the options available. What I did wrong the first time I still do not know as there are not too many options availabe when installing office2k as network installation point.

        What I do know is I do not like the way Microsoft has setup the method of installing a network installation point. I have had many user complain that they are missing items that are not missing if I install the suite locally via CD-ROM.

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