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    Fun Project


    by mlandis ·

    A hovercraft!

    Some of the DIY stores have the wood pre-cut, taking some of the work out of it.

    The ratios are already worked out. Try to work within the specs because if the disc you choose is too small, the pressure will blow out the plastic. Conversely, if the disc is too big the ratio changes and it won’t lift at all

    Our kids loved it, and we had brought this to a party held by our amateur astronomy club where everyone had a ride on it.

    My husband is considering doing this project at the kids’ school. I have to do the lesson plan for it – that is a challenge too.

    We try to donate some time to our kids’ classes. I know several elementary teachers, and very few of them are comfortable with physics, astronomy, or higher mathematical concepts.

    Occasionally we offer to do a class which visually and actively introduces kids to some aspect of the “hard” sciences (as opposed to life sciences) or mathematics. Believe me, we are quickly taken up on it.

    The kids need to be introduced to the concepts in a way that will capture their interest without boring them. Good grief, these kids have seen science fiction and other movies with computerized special effects. The hokey demos don’t compare to the movies, but the demos are participatory, not passive.

    The best is we all have fun.

    If any of you do this hovercraft, let me know how it worked out for you.


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