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Gates is Knighted

By house ·
I think I just heard that right?

Queen Elizabeth II has just knighted Bill Gates. Because he is not English though, he cannot use the 'sir' in front of his name.

William Gates - Knight Commander of the British Empire

Do we care? I certainly don't... well, enough to start this thread I guess. This could be the early Friday yuk.

The man deserves recognition, but is this too much? Has the Knighthood been stretched too thin or is this an appropriate gesture?


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It's a trend now

by Oz_Media In reply to Gates is Knighted

It's like England's own pulitzer prize these days. Just look at the lyrics and anti government slams the Rolling Stones sung about for so many years, then Mick gets knighted.

Bob Geldof was knighted, David Gilmour was knighted, Elton John was knighted.

I guess Michael Jackson is next, once he buys his way out of another kiddie diddler wrap.

Lets just be glad that knigts are no longer the defenders of the British Empire! What a bunch THEY'D be! You'd have one group of guys singing peace songs to stop attackers, while another parades around the castle like a jester in flamboyant attire and now a guy that runs across to the other side to steal their ideas.
B.Gates KBE, whatever, yes it is spread to thin this guy's no Lancelot, or even Alec Guinness for that matter.

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Sir Hopkins

by house In reply to It's a trend now

Now this guy could be a commander... Anthony Hopkins was a good choice, but it is still a novelty title nowadays.

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True but still cool

by Oz_Media In reply to Sir Hopkins

Even though the title means less now, it would still be pretty cool I think. Perhaps just because I'm British but even then, I would love to be a 'knight' for any country's King or Queen, that's just cool!

I'd go out a buy a suit of armour for the hallway and wear the helmet around in public.

You could stand on the doorstep and wait for the mailman in your suit of armour.


"Here's your mail,uh...sir."


"Wot, I said, this is YOUR mail....sir."


A what a riot ! Yeah, I'd take being knighted and run with it alright.....just another one of ten million reasons I am not knighted I suppose. Damn, now if I had only listened to my mum and ate all my greens.

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Cool for some people...

by Salamander In reply to True but still cool

I'd agree that the title of "Knight" is quite cool...for men.

The equivalent, I believe for women, is "Dame." That conjures up images of a steel-haired old lady munching crumpets and working on her needlepoint. No swashbuckling going on there. Not cool.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Cool for some people...

How about a WENCH!

Skanky bags good for two things, fetching your beer and s****** your balls.

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by Salamander In reply to :D

And to think that Margaret Thatcher has the title of "Dame," if I recall correctly...

Did not want to visualize Thatcher as a beer wench...or doing anything of the sort. Shudder.

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I can't believe you just said that. hehehe

by house In reply to :D

It's a good thing that the women here on TR know who you are and understand your sense of humour.

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If not

by Oz_Media In reply to I can't believe you just ...

Tyey soon figure it out.

Or get all pissy like that girl who claimed every comment by every male member was purely sexist. Man now THERE's some issues to be dealt with! LOL

P.S. We are talkign about women during the dark ages too, not actual living and breathing contributors to modern society.

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I agree,

by maecuff In reply to Cool for some people...

Dame sucks. I'm giving myself a new title. IT Empress. You are all invited to my coronation, however, please refrain from looking directly at me, and only speak to me if I speak to you first.

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by Salamander In reply to I agree,

Would Her Imperial Highness maecuff be so indulgent as to confer titles to the subjects of TR?

If Her Imperial Highness is taking requests, I would very much like to be sainted, in exchange for the amount of user crap I've fielded this week. "Saint Salamander" would look so much better on my business cards than "Dame."

I don't know if Empresses can confer sainthood, but thought it was worth a shot. :)

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