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    by house ·

    Has anyone tried this out yet? It rules. This is one of the best live cd projects that I’ve seen yet. I was going to post this thread in the Linux category, but it really has nothing to do with administration.

    I just wanted to share this with everyone.

    You can set up a box as a simple storage device for media related files in your entertainment center… GeexBox is compatible with all sorts of media.

    Love it 🙂

    edit – their site seems to be up and down though… try it later on if it doesn’t load right away. If the domain or project name changes, it should always be accessible from here.

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      by jaqui ·

      In reply to GeexBox

      if I ever need a single cd distro I might look at it.
      if they remove samba.

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        by apotheon ·

        In reply to hmm

        You could always just disable/remove Samba yourself.

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        not a desktop

        by house ·

        In reply to hmm

        It’s along the lines of ‘damn smaller’… it boots into a menu to access your cd media and local files. It is a true media center solution – bare bones OS. 5 -> 6 mb

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      Cool! Thanx!

      by sleepin’dawg ·

      In reply to GeexBox

      Looks interesting.


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