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Geographic location of members

By jardinier ·
I think it would be a nice gesture on the part of TR to acknowledge that not all members live in the USA or Canada.

My location is given as "Killara, NS" This would be meaningless to anyone who did not actually live in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia -- Killara being a suburb of Sydney.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Geographic location of me ...

I thought you meant Nova Scotia! I wondered why we never met when I lived back east (NS is a prety small province).

Just kidding of course,Jules; don't worry, most of us know where you are.

I am sure there are some here who don't know where Canada is, not even California, forget about finding Australia, .

I think you could say you were from The Zaulukani Crater in Southern Mars, it wouldn't make any difference.

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Well of course YOU know where I live

by jardinier In reply to OOOOHHHHHh

because I have been posting to discussions for more than three years.

But if a new member had a location of Beverly Hills, would you assume that he/she lived in California, or would you KNOW that Beverly Hills is a suburb of Sydney?

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by rob mekel In reply to Well of course YOU know w ...

I know that a suburb of Sidney is called Beverly Hills. But you can't say from which country! unless he/she is using the local slang.


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Sydney, NS

by JamesRL In reply to Well of course YOU know w ...

Is not in Australia but in Nova Scotia....

The big joke of course in North America is full of Springfields and of course on the TV show The Simpsons they try to keep you guessing. On a recent episode they hinted that you would know it if you'd been paying attention.


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maybe check back

by Tink! In reply to Sydney, NS

to the episode where they cross off all the states they've been banned from?

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You missed it

by Oz_Media In reply to Well of course YOU know w ...

Yes, of course I know where yu are. The joke about you being in Nova Scotia was in agreement with your comment though. Obviously 'NS' is not definitive enough to make such a system worthwhile at all.

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I think there is a WA in the US

by mjwx In reply to Well of course YOU know w ...

correct me if I am wrong and there is also a Perth in the UK.

My main problem when talking about geographical locations (at this point I will point out I work for a GIS company (Geographic Information Systems)) is dealing with distances. Spending alot of my youth "up north" means that I dont consider 500km to be a long distance. I understand that 500km gets you from one side of england to the other. But this really has to do with my perceptions.

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500km isn't far at all

by Oz_Media In reply to I think there is a WA in ...

That's not much more than a tank of gas in an SUV.

I've put more than 300 on just dirt biking through the mountains. You're right, is is all a matter of what you are used to. I know people who don't drive ythat much, they would see 500k as a never ending journey. To me, having driven much of Canada and the US, 500km doesn't even get you started on your way.

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by rob mekel In reply to 500km isn't far at all

Amsterdam - Paris, will take about 6.5 to 7 hours in normal traffic/not speeding.

And y're right, were on vacation in Alaska, Fairbanks, meet a lady that wanted us to taste a very nice smoked salmon, but had to go home and would be back for us. Took her 5 hours and drove 400 miles, just to let us taste that salmon.
It's all in perspective, ain't it.


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Europe and the UK has less space than

by Deadly Ernest In reply to It's

USA, Canada or Australia - get a world atlas, preferably one printed outside the USA and includes the area West of Hawaii, East of the Grand Banks and South of Cuba. Los Angeles to New York, Vancouver to Montreal, Perth to Sydney are all approximately the same distance apart - to cover the same distance in Europe you would start at the coast near the French/Belgium border and end up in the Ural mountains, having traversed the width of Europe. You could easily drop most of Europe into either USA, Canada or Australia as we all have a lot more space per country while they have a much higher population density.

My sister's brother-in-law married a girl from Ireland and lives in Brisbane. When her parents came for a visit they were shocked to find that their daughter and son-in-law routinely drove 800 kilometres on a Friday night to spend the weekend with family. Then they got a shock when their youngest daughter explained that she did not visit her sister in Perth that often as it took the best part of a day to travel by plane just to get there.

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