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George, you don't understand

By zulumiz ·
This bill isn?t about government regulation. It?s about government protection of freedom. It is to prevent the Network Providers from blocking a protocol from one source, while allowing it from another. It?s about preventing big corporations from monopolizing services by forming contracts with network providers to block any competition by imposing charges just to provide a service.

You are only focused on the part b3 of the bill. Did you even read b1 and b2? Or b4 and b5?

Did you read section c2? ?Nothing shall prevent broadband network provider from taking measures to offer varied service plans to users at defined levels of bandwidth and different prices? Well there?s your protection that you state is being stripped by this bill.

Your analogy to FedEx is completely wrong. To correct your analogy, the Network Providers are the roads, not the companies that travel them. The bill aims to prevent the following from happening:

The owner of the roads decides that in order to drive a delivery truck on the road, one must pay them $1,000,000.00 for that privilege. FedEx agrees to this and adds 1 cent to the cost of delivering a package. Bob?s local package delivery service must close its doors and can never hope to compete against FedEx.

AOL is already doing this. And their customers don?t even know it. Anyone providing an email server that doesn?t pay (about $100 a month) for a static IP address, gets their email blocked by AOL. If you want to play, you have got to pay. They claim to do this to prevent spam, but, in reality, all it does it is impose roadblocks to the common person trying to setup their own email server. $100 a month to a mega-spammer is nothing. This action does little to prevent spam. Meanwhile, the poor AOL users never get the email sent from their friends - they don?t even know it was even sent.

You need to go back and read the bill again. Unfortunately, big corporations win again and the little guy can never hope to compete.

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