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By Beth Blakely ·


Did you ever want to find out what goes on behind closed doors? We're
not helping George Bush decide on potential candidates for the Supreme
Court. We're not trying to rid the world of mad cow disease. We're not
even publicists trying to get Tom Cruise to sit down and talk about
anything but Katie Holmes and psychiatry.

We're just simple folk trying to create a great atmosphere for IT pros
to exchange information, connect with one another, and find solutions.

Still, though, it may be interesting to get a glimpse inside the
TechRepublic walls. You can eavesdrop on upcoming site developments and
find out what technology and management trends have piqued our interest
by reading TechRepublic staff blogs. Here's the scoop on where to find
these gems.



TechRepublic Content Manager JASON HINER says, "If you're stealing
bandwidth from a neighbor's WLAN, you better read this." Jason's blog,
DREAMING ELECTRIC SHEEP, focuses on "emerging technologies, and the
expanding sweep of the information age."

TR VP Bob Artner writes mostly about IT management and emerging
technology trends. While his post about "The bombing and our sister
site in London..." is a very serious look at IT-related aspects of this
horrifying event, Bob can also be quite sarcastic.

* "The bombing and our sister site in London..."**4&messageID=1805560&id=1438946

* Sarcastic post ("Gosh, I never saw this coming...")**4&messageID=1804028&id=1438946

THE TRIVIA GEEK, also known as Jay Garmon (or in some circles,
Encyclopedia Garmonica), posts often about the ideas we toss around for
improving the community portions of the site. For example, his recent
post "What makes a discussion 'great'" reveals the thought process
behind a new newsletter we may produce that will promote off-topic
(read: not focused on IT) discussions.

BILL DETWILER puts his background in justice administration to work in
his blog, BILL'S COMPUTER CRIME WATCH LIST. In his latest post,
"Tougher cybercrime sentences will be needed," he writes, "While I don't
believe Jaschan's crime warrants a lengthy prison term, the court
should have issued a stronger sentence and required him to spend at
least 6 months in jail." TechRepublic member HUTCHTECH has already
taken issue with Bill's opinion. What do you think?

In his first post, TechRepublic contributor ROBERT BOGUE promised to
blog "stuff that I can't get a publisher to pay for" and "personal
updates that aren't appropriate for articles." He's kept his promise.
His blog, NOT FIT FOR PRINT, boasts full length rants about lack of
cell phone service while traveling and things he hates about debugging,
as well as highlights from his trip to Alaska.

* Lack of cell phone service

* Things he hates about debugging

* Highlights from his trip to Alaska

Can't get enough from this list? You can check out more TechRepublic
and CNET staff blogs on the main blog page.



Software and applications developer MICHAEL FREIDGEIM'S BLOG is going
strong. Freidgeim, who goes by MNF on TechRepublic, has posted about
tricks he's used to improve his work. Examples include how to detect
changes in ASP.NET Web forms, how to avoid (403) Forbidden errors when
using HttpWebRequest, and how to show the Print Dialog in MS Access ADE

* MNF's profile

* How to detect changes in ASP.NET Web forms

* How to avoid (403) Forbidden errors when using HttpWebRequest

* How to show the Print Dialog in MS Access ADE reports



Are you familiar with TechRepublic's new Contacts feature? Adding a
member to your Contacts list allows you to more easily track his or her
activity. Using "Posts from my contacts" (available on the main
Discussions page) and "Blog posts from my contacts" (available on the
Blogs main page), you can keep up with any comments left by a
bookmarked member in any of TechRepublic's various online forums.

* View your Contacts list

* Discussion page

* Blog page

To learn more about Contacts and TechRepublic's other Community
features, check out this handy FAQ.



In a post titled, "I hate EU Directives and Overgrown
Bureaucracy," GADGETGIRL explains why discarding a bit of rubbish at the
local dump became quite a big deal because of her van.

FLYPIG recorded an "Amusing moment at the office," that might have been
titled "Fun with typos."



So, is anyone reading this far down? Seriously? Then I must be doing
something right? or incredibly wrong! But I won't know unless you tell
me! If you've got suggestions or comments about Blog Roundup, send me
an e-mail with "Blog Roundup" in the subject line. If you're recommending
a blog for the next newsletter, please include a link to the member's
blog and a sentence or two about why you found it helpful.

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Blog Roundup Newsletter: Title Observed

by BFilmFan In reply to Get insider info with Tec ...

Placeholder text read.

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Thanks Beth! ;-)

by jmgarvin In reply to Get insider info with Tec ...

That was very informative ;-)

(are you annoyed yet...I can keep poking)

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Gee Whiz, Fellas

by Beth Blakely In reply to Thanks Beth! ;-)

Can't a girl start a placeholder discussion, take a lunch, and then come back and edit it? Gosh!

Anyhoo, it's up now. Enjoy. :-)

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by Jaqui In reply to Gee Whiz, Fellas

nope you can't start something just before lunch.

you have to finish it before lunch then.

naw, we never read right to the end, why bother, then we can't go off at a tangent so easily.

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The Tangent Tango

by BFilmFan In reply to honestly?

Best tangent to a discussion could be a whole thread!

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