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Get your photos ready

By sMoRTy71 ·
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the photo attachment option should be available in the next week or so.

So start getting your 45x60 pixel images ready.

Let me know if you all have any questions.

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Thank you

by house In reply to Get your photos ready

For getting us out of this...

Linux vs. Windows
Canada vs. USA
Evolution vs. Divine

...actually, it's been a lot of fun here lately, but...

Let's get back to more static issues. I can't wait. Thanks for keeping the project alive.

How were the holidays?

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You should have been around

by maxwell edison In reply to Thank you

You should have been around before the November election. Man oh man, talk about debates and arguments. It's a wonder any of us got anything done at all.

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I've read that garbage

by house In reply to You should have been arou ...

Although, I didn't contribute to those discussions, I've read some of them.

When will people understand that there are usually valid arguments on both sides of the debate. I see the same points being brought up, and the same redirection provided in response to opposition. Some cannot see both the pros and cons regarding their very own issues and opinions. That is unfortunate, but it is their character flaw, not mine.

A healthy debate would consist of a bit of "give" and a little more understanding towards the opposite side of the spectrum. That doesn't seem to be the case here on TR, where emotion rules over logic. I'm just glad that we have our own little group here that can subscribe to common sense and brainstorming without an aggressive and seemingly baseless rejection of our ideas and concerns.

Nowadays, I try to provide answers that both support my point of view, and give credit to the opposition, without straying too far from my own view. I've given blunt statements that have left me open to attack, only to later acheive a common ground after properly explaining my reasons.

I love the arguments anyways... who am I kidding. :)

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by Oz_Media In reply to I've read that garbage

Ask Max, I put a lot of well thought out and finely researched comments in the political threads!

That is a very important issue to me that I just can't make light off. (this is where the lightning stirkes me right?)

But hey it's always fun for the most part.

P.S. you want a friggin' gold star or something !?
"OOOH, I always try and consider the other guys feelings and put some thought and logic...blah blah blah!!" ROFLMAO

It doesn't matter, most people don't think before posting here, I just have fun with it at that point, why bother making sense?

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Gimme a Platinum Star!!!

by house In reply to GARBAGE!!!

"OOOH, I always try and consider the other guys feelings and put some thought and logic...blah blah blah!!" ...whatever.

That is not the case at all. I am not concerned about "feelings" in any way. I don't remember saying anything about "hurting feelings".

What I am interested in, is extracting intelligent ideas and opinions from our peers, but like you said, "most people don't think before posting here."

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I'm just razzing you

by Oz_Media In reply to Gimme a Platinum Star!!!

Just giving you a hard time! You posted about how you always try and find some sort of middle ground in your posts and it's a bit of give and take etc.

I was just giving you a hard time for such an honest and open opinion.

bit of fun mate, and yes you can have a platinum star (that means an aluminum star really, unless you can tell the difference between the aluminum, silver and platinum tinfoil!)

Speaking of precious metals, my exploration stocks went nutty today, YAAAY!! I got a bunch free for doing some copy work, gotta love the mine guys! They have been opening low and closing without much change until now, new mine and everything.

I hope to get a five 9's coin from them soon, they are so pretty and shiny, like "The PRECIOUS!!" :)

Maybe TR can make up a gold coin for us ?

Sure beats stock in fisheries these days anyway!

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Don't tell me

by house In reply to I'm just razzing you

That you've actually got stock in fisheries?!?! LOL.

Ps - I only "give" when I see value in the argument. I could do without speaking with some members though.

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Not for years

by Oz_Media In reply to I'm just razzing you

A friend of mine used to be brass at Canaidan Fisheries in Vancouver. I replaced a marine motor for him and he shot me some stocks. The US boats won some openings off the coast here (grrr) and then the local native indians got first choice on openings, so the local fishing industry took a 'dive'. Anyway, I got out with enough to pay for my time. Getting stocks early on exploration digs is great though, they open at double or triple what they were worth when they are given to you!

So if you get 2000 shares and the company opens shares on the market at 45 cents, they hit 65-70 or more in the first few days, and you are set, Cash out or park them in NASDAQ done deal.

I made a bundle with Rogers stocks last year too.

I don't really play the market though, I get the gigs with new company's before they hit the market, a friends writes the copy, I put it together into the portfolios (all pretty like with pictures and all)and I get shares below open in lieu of payment.

Sweet little sideline, but not a living I would want to rely on though! If it bombs you don't get paid!

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by apotheon In reply to Get your photos ready

I'll have to figure out what sort of scarring effect to go for in my choice of representative image. Maybe I'll get a haircut and get a new pic of myself.

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by Oz_Media In reply to ut-oh

That why I wouldn't use a picture of myself, I got a hair cut (did a whole bunch of them actually)and I HATE short hair ARRRGH!!

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