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getting older is annoying

By mark ·
In the last couple of months i have tried
to work late into the evening and have found
that it's not so easy to do ;-(

I remember in my early twenties when i did shift work i was able to go 3 to 4 nights without sleep

About 7 years ago when i migrated to
coding i would be able to work through the night
put in a full day at work the next day and then work the next nite

i took about a 2 year hiatus from code (coz i wuz brned out he he he i couldnt stand the thought
of writing yet another "select * from customers"

to my dismay i have discovered over the last couple of months that im am unable to work any where near as much as i used to be able to
most nights im finished by 8 at night !!!!!

i cant even do an all niter playing quake any more


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Getting older is annoying, but

by willjamr In reply to getting older is annoying

consider the alternative!

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and that would be....

by mark In reply to Getting older is annoying ...

getting steadily younger

drinking more beer, staying up past 08h00

hmmm tough choice ;-)

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by maecuff In reply to and that would be....

you've found a way to reverse time, the only alternative to getting older is to NOT get older. You know, by dying.

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Your right - it aint great

by j.lupo In reply to getting older is annoying

I remember those days too and now it is nearly impossible for me to get in a good 18 hours a day.

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Annoying is not the right word

by IT cowgirl In reply to Your right - it aint grea ...

Aggrevating and tiresome are much better. Speaking of tired..... I am. After 3pm I am tired at work. By 6pm I am shot. Really SUX. Now with weekend nites for network projects.
When did I get so fricking old? Man just shoot me now...

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Yep,in the early years

by Neil Higgins In reply to Annoying is not the right ...

I could write ten lines of good code by lunchtime,patch dozens of mistakes by late afternoon,and install ten servers before supper.Now I just want to drink a long,cool beer,stare at the bible-sized manual for twelve hours,then head to the bar for another beer,to digest the manual.Yep,growing old disgracefully is thirsty work alright.

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My sentiments EXACTLY!

by btljooz In reply to Annoying is not the right ...

Only the word(s) I'm 'thinking' are a BIT stronger...use your imagination I know that's work at this age. But we can still use THAT (our imagination! ), at least.

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I remember the days....

by woodie_88 In reply to Your right - it aint grea ...

I remember those days too, when I could not get enough of coding now its all about conceptualizing and letting someone else code.

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& my arms got shorter too....

by dawgit In reply to getting older is annoying

Now I'd need arms 5 ft long to read any documentation. I have to use 'reading' glasses, just like what 'old' people used to have to do. But, worse than that, I keep forgetting where I put them. Really a terrible situation.

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Forgetting where your glasses are

by DMambo In reply to & my arms got shorter too ...


I used to laugh at my mother walking around the house looking for her glasses when she had slid them up on her head. There could be 6 of us in the house enjoying that little spectacle (ha ha), but now the humor is lost on me because I do the same type of thing.

I've also noticed that they moved the floor farther away over the past few years.

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