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Gmail more space

By rob_serve ·
Gmails disk space per user is now 2050 MB- over 2 GIGS of hard drive space on the Internet for you basically!! This is great. Why are people still using hotmail when there is a less cluttered, fast, reliable, unobtrusive advertising email programme in the form of GMAIL!! Its great

head of marketting at Google UK

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Wrong forum; try the "Personal Ads" forum.

by deepsand In reply to Gmail more space

This belongs in the "Personal Ads" forum, not in the "Discussions" one.

By posting to the correct forum, you will better ensure that you receive a greater number of appropriate responses.

An example of such might be, "What the f**k? Did you really think that this was a public rag?"

May the fleas of 7 generations of camels be visited upon your crotch.

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Actually it IS the right forum

by Oz_Media In reply to Wrong forum; try the "Pe ...

GMail updates and address giveaways are some VERY popular topics of discussion here.

One of the most popular threads recently was the GMAil invites thread. People were signing up to TR in droves to get an invite, but it just got too much to handle after a while so it has been kept to members with SOME history here as opposed to new signups due to the GMail threads.

Not of interest to you? NO problem.

Many others have shown a great deal of interest in GMAil here, so I sould say that it is a fair topic for discussion. I appreciated the update which I have now duly noted as I don't use my G that much. Sure it's an plug for someone's service, but at least it's relevant to what we do here, it's not for wall panels or moving and storage companies.

Public rag? Well yes it is really, we all come here to talk abotu IT, changes in IT, additions to the IT world, tools tips and tricks and I think this fits in that theme quite well.

I suppose you'll have to back up to all those pro MS posts and start flaming them for advertising now? There's a full time job in itself!

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It's still nothing more than an ad.

by deepsand In reply to Actually it IS the right ...

Note that he bills himself as "head of marketting at Google UK ."

I've no problem with a discussion re. the merits of GMail.

I DO have a problem with anyone using TR as a forum for self-promotion.

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by Oz_Media In reply to It's still nothing more t ...

He bills HIMSELF as head of marheting. how many people have you worked with that actually hold the title Head of Marketing? I would be shocked as **** to hear ONE person had such a ridiculous title.

When I post about Novell software, I have often had to say I don't work for NOvell, because I am a salesman and it comes out when I speak about the merits of a product.

It is NOTHING like an ad at all, just someone spouting about how great a new email client is.

If you refuse to have ANY dislogue with people outside of trying to make issues from nothing at all, I will cease responding to such imflammatory attempts from you.

Others have done it and have found themselves alone for the most part, don't follow suit. You have shared some interesting opinions before, you have offered some very open and creative dialogus, it seems all you want to do now is point fingers and make assertions untli people either give in and agree with you or tell you to f-off.

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Try my new product TODAY!

by johnnywatt In reply to

Just kidding.


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The check's in the mail.

by deepsand In reply to Try my new product TODAY!
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by Roger99a In reply to Gmail more space

Did you just misspell "marketing" or is that one of those Brittish spellings?

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by rob_serve In reply to Question

I have no idea how to spell marketing. I aint a worker at gmail but i sure would like to be. Go to google and find their careers section and the perks sound ace..

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So, you mis-represented yourself as being ...

by deepsand In reply to ??

"Robert , head of marketting at Google UK?

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I didn't buy it

by Oz_Media In reply to So, you mis-represented y ...

I figured it was a joke. Nobody is HEAD of Marketing at Google, perhaps Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, but not HEAD of Marketing. That's just stupid! I wouldn't even want the business cards.

I think it was just a light hearted self realization of his pro-GMail posting.

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