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    Good way to supplement income in this wacky economy


    by marbib ·

    A good way to supplement income
    It is hard working in tech right now. I’ve been doing this for 12 years. I used to make 120k a year. Now I dont make enough to pay the bills.
    But I found a good supplemental income. It sound a little strange at first but beleive me, its a lifesaver. Just take the bus on down to your local business district around lunchtime. Find a nice bench facing traffic and sell BJ’s to the businessmen in nice cars. They are willing to pay the big bucks. And talk about a great way to make contacts. Give it a try.
    Good Luck!!

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      That reminds me

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Good way to supplement income in this wacky economy

      I owe you $20 bucks.

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        Good one!

        by wordworker ·

        In reply to That reminds me

        I am ROFLMAO on that one OZ! I wish I had thought of it first.

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      by wordworker ·

      In reply to Good way to supplement income in this wacky economy

      real classy Mark

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        You dont understand what I really meant!!

        by marbib ·

        In reply to classy

        You guys got the wrong idea here. Once upon a time in high school BJ stood for a whole other thing. But all those of us in “the know” would tell you that BJ now stands for “Business Journal”. It’s the best way to easily converse with an upper level management type. You offer them a BJ, and they know that you mean business and are capable of speaking in corporate terms and are watching the bottom line.
        Go try it!! You’ll be surprised how effective this simple business jargon can be in opening up some completely unexplored doors.

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          I usually just

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to You dont understand what I really meant!!

          I find it easier to just hang out where they hang out and start mingling and meeting these people.

          If I handed a “BJ” to them, they’d probably throw it in my face and laugh that I actually assumed they’d take time to explore a business journal.

          How about, “hi my name is….., I see you work with…, it’s really interesting to me that … and so on.

          It sure beats sitting at a bus stop and handing out your BJ. At least in real life here anyhow.

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          Hey Oz!! How bout a BJ?

          by marbib ·

          In reply to I usually just

          I’ll take a BJ from you anytime!!

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          I have

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Hey Oz!! How bout a BJ?

          I have MASSIVE festering cold sores all over.

          Like I said, nobody believes in a Business Journal around here. You wanna talk shop, I need 4hrs notice and you can drop by Gotham in Vancouver or The Sticky Wicket in Victoria. I’d be happy to meet you and will bring along a few associates that can offer opportunity in other fields.

          You will need to bring a portfolio of your investments and financial partners but I’m sure that will be well received. Are you interestedin mining investment or investing in a new beach condo project being developed in Mexico? Thos eare two projects where I still have some investment opportunities to offer. I’m interested in mining ventures, building development and off shore development if you have ideas, opportunities or money to invest.

          As for IT, I’m not interested as there is very little money and closed end opportunities in IT these days.

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          Oz, Huh?!

          by marbib ·

          In reply to I have

          I guess that is what “mental case” denotes.

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