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Google::The Best Search Engine?

By emekusman ·
I have used different search engines but over time I have settled down with Google as the best. I really don't believe there is nothing that you can't find if using google.
Let me know your if you agree with this view or if you oppose it, what other search engine is better.

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OK, but could be better

by ShortArmOfJustice In reply to Google::The Best Search E ...

Their filtering leaves alot to be desired... many times I get the same results no matter which filtering option I use. Google will fix their filters if you contact them, but I weary of researching their error and ringing their bell. I'm in local gov. security and their filtering of their image searches is a priority since I also deal with access by the general public.

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The 'Best' for what?

by mike_h In reply to Google::The Best Search E ...

No search engine covers all the pages on the Web. Some search engines cover certain sections/subjects better than others, it depends on what you're looking for. First, try rephrasing your questions and/or adding or subtracting words to narrow or widen the field of results. There are hundreds of search engines out there (thousands maybe?), some better than others. I agree, Google is usually my first choice, but not my only choice. I've used Teoma with some success. Oingo used to be good for technical stuff, they now belong to Google. 'Ask Jeeves' is a good one for people who want to frame their questions in the form of a sentence. Anywho and Bigfoot are good people-finders. Dogpile, Metacrawler, and Webcrawler are some other good search engines. for government stuff, FindLaw for legal stuff, and, of course, there are the more familiar ones like MSN, Yahoo, Northern Light, Altavista, Lycos, Excite, and many others. Also many FTP search engines. It all depends on what you're looking for.

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Plausible alternatives to Google are :

by swisdom In reply to Google::The Best Search E ...

Plausible alternatives to Google are :

Also useful are these Google wrap-arounds :

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Goggle was good, but now...

by janiceannmichal In reply to Google::The Best Search E ...

Goggle was a good search engine, but it has now become WAY too commericalized. The same in-depth searches I was able to achieve early in Goggle's existence are no longer possible.

I have switched to Copernic. They are GREAT.

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Best search engine...not anymore

by Weary_Fish In reply to Google::The Best Search E ...

Google used to be THE search engine I used to use for searching for anything technical as well as any general information search. Google groups.. gold, I tell you.. Gold!
However, NOW, any searches using Google yield results that are useless until the second or third page of links.
Currently I use or
The clustering of information is invaluable!

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Google's gone downhill big time!

by Oz_Media In reply to Google::The Best Search E ...

I rarely use Google anymore, except the '' newsgroups which seem invaluable for helping in the Tech Q&A section.

In essence MOST search engines are powered by the Google alorhythm now, but Google itself just doesn't do it for me anymore. I prefer Excite myself.

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bottom line

by firstlook2005 In reply to Google::The Best Search E ...

The bottom line is that any search engine but Google generally returns confusing usually bizare results while Google always gives results that are relevant understandable and useful.

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That's the user usually

by Oz_Media In reply to bottom line

It's just a mater of using boolean phrasing to refine your search terms. YOu will get better results from ALL search engines, including Google, if you learn proper search phrasing.

As someone who specializes in search engine positioning, I can tell you that MOST are exactly the same as Google as they use th same engine for retrieving results. Phrasing is the key to searching, too many people will take the first few results and deem them relevant when a better search will provide even better results.

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Google Best Search Engine

by srishtysnews In reply to Google::The Best Search E ...

Yes, I agree with you.

The response time and upto date links are excellent compare to other Search Engines

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by Vista.nGen In reply to Google Best Search Engine

mmm, really its the best.
i used google for more than a year, it is better than yahoo but either are not highly efficiency as a search engin gives you the best result form the first trial.

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