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GOP Rat Jumps Ship

By Peter Warren ·
Tom DeLay Runs Away
Tom DeLay, faced with a formidable Democratic challenger and heading towards a humiliating loss, decided to take his ball and go home. CNN's Jack Cafferty had little sympathy...
JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: Wolf, in the end, all the tough talk was reduced to, "I quit." To borrow a phrase from Roberto Duran, "No mas."

When a second aide to Congressman Tom DeLay pled guilty in the Abramoff investigation and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, Mr. DeLay suddenly became just another disgraced public servant who couldn't take the heat. DeLay is also under criminal indictment in a separate case in Texas.

He was known as "The Hammer" when he was majority leader in the House. A big, tough-talking, strong-arm artist who could deliver votes to the Bush White House. He would strut around on Capitol Hill like a cocky little bandy rooster. But today he slithered away from Congress to await his fate at the hands of the criminal justice system.

Good riddance.
There's more to say and report on this disgraceful final chapter in DeLay's career, but here are a few choice excerpts... see

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Its about time

by AV . In reply to GOP Rat Jumps Ship

He is the most vile, arrogant, despicable character. He acted more like a mobster than the House Majority Leader of the Republican party. His legacy is one of shame. The face of corruption in the Republican party (one of the many faces, lately).

I think part of the reason he resigned now is that he had a chance to make himself look like he was doing it for the sake of the party, thereby leaving the door open for future possibilities. What a con man! It certainly will take alot of the spotlight off of him, at least temporarily, while he deals with his legal woes.

If he makes it through the Jack Abramoff trial, I'm sure he will become a lobbyist in Washington on "K" Street in a couple of years.

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Good Career Move

by Peter Warren In reply to Its about time

He sure has all the qualifications to be a K streeter. Actually his job would almost be the same -- spreading bribes around to influence legislation for his business cronies and fundamentalist friends. I love the martyr's touch he tried to effect. Poor ol? Tommy DeLay -- another victim of those nasty Dems and liberal media types.

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Probably Hoping The Media Will Forget Him

by JohnnySacks In reply to GOP Rat Jumps Ship

Good riddance to a despicable pig. These so called representatives of the people all have their faults, but this guy exemplifies the worst of the worst characteristics.

I'm sure the resignation is timed in the hopes that the media will let him slide into anonymity and we all forget about Mr. Tom Delay during the mid term elections. After sitting through a media onslaught of impeachment proceedings concerning a stain on a dress, the media better not forget him in his upcoming legal demise. (I ask too much)

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We Can Make Sure They Don't

by Peter Warren In reply to Probably Hoping The Media ...

I don't think the media will completely forget about the rat. And there are ways we can make sure they don't. If your inclined, check out MoveOn's website They often organize media campaigns to raise awareness about this rat and his fellow rodents. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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