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Gore to get lifetime award for Internet

By ITgirli ·;_ylt=Al8jxkpgEB_SAc3qegfdl4z6VbIF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

I saw this on yahoo and couldn't help but laugh.

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If its good enough for Vincent Cerf

by JamesRL In reply to Gore to get lifetime awar ...

Then its good enough for me.


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by jdclyde In reply to If its good enough for Vi ...

aren't you critic. lol!

Sorry, just couldn't help myself.

Have a great day.


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If you are critical all the time

by JamesRL In reply to well

Then yours words mean nothing. They become noise.

While I was a big user of the net 13 years ago, and promoted its usage at my workplace etc etc, I probably won't ever in my life know more about the early days than Cerf who was a real pioneer, and a man of dignity and integrity. If he is ok with the award, I am too.

Sure Gore mispoke. Which politician hasn't. I don't think Gore ever meant to imply he invented the net from nothing. He did help promote it when few knew about its potential.


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That is what I tried telling you?

by jdclyde In reply to If you are critical all t ...

"If its never appropriate to criticize the government, or the army, then you no longer have democratic rights."

Or does this only count when it is convenent or pushes your agenda? No one but you has this right?

Now how is that for sad. Or in this case, just making noise. I see how America and freedom would work of you were king.

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Perhaps I need another coffee

by JamesRL In reply to That is what I tried tell ...

But I don't see the contradiction that you seem to.

Everyone has the right to be critical. But people who are always critical and never constructive run the risk of becoming the boy who cried wolf.

My agenda? I don't have one, at least as far as US politics goes. I do want someone who will help resolve some of the trans border issues - and Bush is as likely as anyone. Kerry's comments about Michigan garbage showed me a protectionist side that I don't think would be good for my country. But in the end I think US Foreign policy probably trumps my concerns.

I'm not sure what you are driving at, I'm not some wanna be king who wants to take away your rights or anyone else's. I uphold democratic rights - you have the right to criticize, I have the right to ignore you, or critcize you or perhaps in the best of all circumstances, be constructive.

I have never suggested that I get special rights, want to be king or take away your freedom. What kinda drugs are you on?


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Too funny!

by Jellimonsta In reply to Gore to get lifetime awar ...

And to think no body believed he created the Internet!

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I still don't believe it

by ITgirli In reply to Too funny!
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No one person created anything

by JamesRL In reply to I still don't believe it

Especially the net.

Arpanet pioneered the technical side. It was when Arpanet was expanded to academic institutions that it really blossomed. Alot of the early tools were free, and no one sought credit. Same thing with WWW - while the browser may have been created by an individual, the ideas had been floating for years.

Gore helped promote the commercial use of the net. When I first got on the net proper(as opposed to getting there through Compuserve) in 92, there was a huge resisitance to commercialization. Free nets were out there, and most people opposed commercial websites.

How times have changed.


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Robert Metcalf

by jmgarvin In reply to No one person created any ...

He revolutionized networking with a doodle on a cocktail napkin.

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Silly, it's on the internet!

by Dr Dij In reply to I still don't believe it

He created the internet,
I saw that somewhere on the internet that he created.
Therefore it must be from Him and True

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