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Got new 'puter.... lookin' for the best 64bit sw

By heml0ck ·
Howdy folks
Thought I'd start a thread to get some feedback on 64bit Windows software... or hey any sw!
The machine is a nice AMD X2 with 4 gb ram and lots of toys.... Let me know your best picks

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First piece of advice - forget MS Win XP 64 bit

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Got new 'puter.... lookin ...

edition, I wish I had that advice when I got my 64 bit system - it is totally useless; drivers for it are very rare; and it won't run all the 32 bit applications.

From my research the largest group of 64 bit drivers are for AMD chips runing Linux that use RPM files. Please note that Linux comes in the i386 version and the x86_64 version, you will need the x86_64 version. I have tried and used Fedora Core 5 x86_64 version and found it works well, I can even run some of the Windows based apps that the MS Win (or should that be whine)XP 64 wont run. I will soon try the Ubuntu x86_64 bit version as well. SuSE has a x86_64 bit version (I have not tried it though) as do many other Linux flavours.

If you wish to stay with Windows you are going to have to get the Win XP 32 bit version working on it, and lose some of its capability or try Vista beta if you are a very dedicated masochist.

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so far so good

by heml0ck In reply to First piece of advice - f ...

Got a new distro of Xp64... seems to run everything I've thrown at it so far.
I'm contemplating multibooting it, but I may go to a virtual platform instead, so I can play around with a bunch of OS flavours.
Knoppix 5 was really quick on it.
Thanks for the input. Any thoughts on 64bit sw sources?

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The only source of 64 bit softwrae that I know

by Deadly Ernest In reply to so far so good

of is the web page on 64 bit software that MS has for XP 64 bit - most 32 bit apps I have loaded on the XP 64 did not work, but have worked in WINE - hmm. Just have to try some Googling.

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If I assume that....

by jdmercha In reply to Got new 'puter.... lookin ...

"lot's of toys" implies that you are a gamer. If so you may run into difficulty running the games you have on any 64-bit OS. Other OS's may be better, but you'll be able to run more off the shelf software with Windows XP Media Center.

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Actually I have been able to get some of

by Deadly Ernest In reply to If I assume that....

the older games (Starcraft and Diablo II) to run on my XP 64 bit - but programs like 3DMax, all my Symantec stuff, Photoshop is the only Adobe site item that runs, and none of the newer games work on my XP 64 bit.

MS do have a 64 bit web page where they list software that people have mentioned as being made for their XP 64 bit.

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only problem ..

by heml0ck In reply to Actually I have been able ...

i've hit so far is the installer for eidos games.... just won't start

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Need 32 bit emulator for some games / apps

by Deadly Ernest In reply to only problem ..

to work properly, don't know why but that is what I have been advised by some of the MS tech people.

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by heml0ck In reply to If I assume that....

although I play some games, I'm more into media...
music, sounds, photgraphy, and making them all flow in multimedia shows....
was a theater geek in a former life :)

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