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Graduate student seeking feedback

By balv ·

I am a graduate student in marketing communications at Northwestern University, working on a student project.

As part of our research, we are asking IT experts to complete an online survey. We hope that you will take a few minutes to answers our questions at
The information you provide will be kept anonymous and confidential, but it will be invaluable to our assignment. This is not spam. Feedback is encouraged.

Thank you for your time and input.

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Looks good...

by dawgit In reply to Graduate student seeking ...

ok, that helps. maybe a little more info too. about the method of data collection (as in the site you used to run your survey- not conected to the Uni?) anyway good luck.-d

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My forst thought too

by jdmercha In reply to Looks good...

If this is a class project why isn't the survey on a University site. That's enough to keep me from following the link.

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thanks for your consideration

by balv In reply to My forst thought too

Non-student access. We purchased a survey program so we could administer online.

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Yes it is Spam

by jdclyde In reply to Graduate student seeking ...

When you send this to members via peer mail, it IS Spam.

This discussion would not be considered Spam, and was the correct way to approach the topic.

Because of your choice to Spam this via the PM, I will not be participating in your survey.

Others here can do as they wish.

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Sorry jdclyde

by balv In reply to Yes it is Spam

I agree. I didn't think it through initially. I tried fixing the situation with posting the discussion and setting up my webspace. Did not mean to offend or appear insincere. I'm simply inexperienced online and on this site - just joined.

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When new to anything

by jdclyde In reply to Sorry jdclyde

the first thing you do it sit back and discover the culture. (known as "lurking")

You learn by listening, not by talking.

The one thing this discussion did was to keep me from posting a similar discussion for the public humiliation of a new member that was abusing the PM system for one reason or another.

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For that I'm grateful

by balv In reply to When new to anything

Public humiliation...muchas gracias for restraining. It brings back really bad memories.

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