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Great. Like we Americans haven't irritated enough countries, now this!

By Mickster269 ·


HP Sauce to be made in Netherlands, not Britain

Preferred by the likes of the Royal Family, Britain's beloved "brown sauce" will soon be manufactured in the Netherlands.

U.S.-based Heinz Co. has announced that it will shut the Birmingham plant that makes HP Sauce in March 2007, throwing 125 people out of work.


Now we've done pissed off the Brits.

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Stargazerr: A question

by onbliss In reply to Great. Like we Americans ...

hey, do you know if this is something similar to the chutney that is usually served with Samosas? Tamrinds and Dates reminded me of that chutney.

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I'm not stargazer

by JamesRL In reply to Stargazerr: A question

But I am a consumer of a) tamarind sauce with my Samosas, b) HP Sauce and c) Chutney of various flavours.

HP sauce is thicker than the tamarind sauce I am used to and much milder. Its actually closer to a non BBQ steak sauce. Tamrind sauce is at the same time sweet and hot, HP is more complex. Heinz has a similar sauce, and I know that there are other British brown sauces - just never tried them.

My kids love the HP Fruity which is like a cross between regular HP and a mild chutney.

My wife makes a peach chutney when fresh peaches are in season.


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I can see...

by onbliss In reply to I'm not stargazer

...that you are not Stargazerr :-). I directed it to her, cuz I knew her to be an Indian living in UK. I should have known people from Toronto are here too :-) :-)

Thanks for your info. Interesting to note that in UK a sauce made out of Tamarind and Dates is pretty popular. Especially both ingredients not being native to the region.

Reading about Dutch, I was amazed to learn from the show "Good Eats" that the Dutch were instrumental in getting the Carrots to be in Orange color. Before that it seems the carrots were in different shades of brown and black color. I just thought "wow"~

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My luck

by JamesRL In reply to I can see...

is that I live in a city with about 40,000 people from south east asia.

My local fruit and veg market turned into an Indian supermarket and they make great home made samosas with homemade tamarind sauce.

I'm not at all suprised that Britain is fond of chutney and tamarind sauces - the army and bureaucrats went to India a century and a half ago and many tried and enjoyed the local cuisine. Some of them came back and tried to make the stuff without the ingredients and found it wanting - hence HP was fullfilling a demand and even though its not quite an Indian sauce I can see it as a hybrid.

My father in law enrolled in the British Army a few years after WWII and he learned to cook Indian food from officers who had served in India. I'm sure its a little different but its compares well to some of the Indian restaurants I've been to. One of the best Indian food places in Torontois a British style Pub.

Living in an area that has experienced waves of immigration from many areas, you are exposed to many different cuisines and ingredients. I buy mostly basmati now for rice. I found a "Pan asian" supermarket that sells all kinds of interesting items - they have 20 different brands of Soy Sauce, a huge aisle of Philipino favorites and lots of live fish.

Even my parents are trying new foods.


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Makes sense.

by onbliss In reply to My luck

I visited Toronto last year. We did some sight-seeing for few days, and then drove to Niagara Falls.
We enjoyed our visit. On the way back to the airport, we had to pass through China Town and we got stuck in the traffic jam during peak evening hours. I was sure we were going to miss our flight. Lucikly we made it.

Heard Montreal is a great place too. Maybe sometime in the future.

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A map might be helpful

by oldbag In reply to Makes sense.

I don't know how you did it but you don't have to pass through China town to get to the airport from Niagara. You must have taken a scenic route!

I am glad that you took the time to visit. It is the most multicultural city in the world

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I did not say it correctly.

by onbliss In reply to A map might be helpful

We drove to NF...and then we stayed in Toronto. We checked out from the hotel in the morning, and then roamed around the city. I think we went to the Science Museum and then drove to the airport later.

We usually get lots of maps from our AAA office.

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The Heinz sauce is called.....

by oldbag In reply to I'm not stargazer

Heinz 57!

Yes, its not just a term for a mutt.

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Pissed off Brits,

by Old Guy In reply to Great. Like we Americans ...

Well, two things. One, it's better to be pissed off than pissed on. :^0

Two, what do you think they did to us when they tried to make us drink all the high priced taxed tea way back when... :^0 :^0 :^0 Just kidding.

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