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Greenpeace is now concerned about "Global Vibrations"

By jdclyde ·

It is all over the news. The biggest threat to our way of life since "Global Warming"!

What will YOU do to do your part? Do you even CARE? :0

Jaqui, strange news is back on!

Edited because everyone else is!

Edited again for typo in title

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Beach Boys

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Greenpeace is now concern ...

I'm talking about...

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No dude

by jdclyde In reply to Beach Boys

these are "narly vibes" dude. This could like ruin everything, like ya know dude?.

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Whom Greempeace????

by gadgetgirl In reply to Greenpeace is now concern ...

grief, that made me giggle!

As for the vibrations, well, unless they're doing a straight one for one swap (oh, grief, I'm trying my BEST to keep this clean.....)I can only do my part (sorrysorrysorry) by using environmentally (I'm losing it) friendly or rechargeable (wahayheyhey!) batteries. I refuse point blank (hey, I can't help this!) to buy new ones when I have perfectly good ones (I really am sorry, I've lost the plot, now) on hand.....

ok, that's it... someone pass the tissues and screen cleaner please

Lost the plot? Haven't been in total possession of it all week....

thanks for the laugh, jd - needed that.

Now, I wonder if NB will know how to turbo charge one of these things......


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Time for "clean" energy supplies? Oil still has us!

by jdclyde In reply to Whom Greempeace???? :D

Oh my dear, I knew that you would swell to the occasion, yet would leave your discussion just at the climax of the conversation.

No muttly fit?

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Time for "clean" energy s ...

that was one of the longest Muttleyfits I've had in a long while.....I had to just finish and post, I'd lost it.

Which is why Colin just sent someone to me with directions like "ask Plotless, in the corner, the one with the tears streaming down her face, and the damp keyboard......"

And the next time he calls me the Plotless Midget in the Corner, he's a dead man....!


Was that enough of an anti-climax for you??!!

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Further research is needed

by jdclyde In reply to oh.......yes!

so the web cams must be consulted and a ruling on the instant replay will be announced shortly.

The judge is going into the bathroom now to deliberate on the evidence......

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Bet he can

by Tig2 In reply to Whom Greempeace???? :D

Or find an appropriate link. NeverBusted finds all kinds of interesting things.

I'm with you on that one-to-one swap. Rechargeable batteries? Maybe. Give them up? Not going to happen.

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Whom Greempeace???? :D
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by jdclyde In reply to .

Are you judging me? :0

Better watch it or Psychotech will come in and call you bad words and try to hurt your feelings.

He will even use poor sentence structure, linking several "and"'s together if your not careful.

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by OnTheRopes In reply to NB?

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