Grisoft AVG and Radmin Compatibility

By rovoco ·
I shall be using Radmin to manage clients PCs.
I am using Grisoft's security products on my office PCs and need to know if there are any major compatibility problems. I have seen a few horror stories, but don't know if I need to be concerned or not. I note that Radmin Version 3.X seems to be noted a lot in this regard. Does anyone have some first hand experience using Radmin with AVG products?
Any info would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the advice! What port does Radmin prefer?

by rovoco In reply to MESSAGE DELETED

I am assuming that the Windows XP firewall would need to be told to pass Radmin.exe as well. May I assume that port 4899 on my Linksys router, forwarding to the IP address of the PC I shall be using to run Radmin will work?

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by Baxenden In reply to Grisoft AVG and Radmin Co ...

I THINK i've used Radmin on a system running AVG succesfully before, HOWEVER, there are some AV's which detect Radmin.exe as a threat and therefore quarantines it. This happend to us when we were using Norton Corporate (Radmin Rival - PC Anywhere).

All you need to do in this case is make an exception for this exe.

Also as Pete says - firewall needs to be configured to allow Radmin through the specified port.

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Radmin versus PC Anywhere

by rovoco In reply to AV

See above post to Pete about configuring the router port. Any suggestions? Also, do you prefer working with Radmin or PC Anywhere?

It's great to receive responses from new members of TechRepublic!

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by Baxenden In reply to Radmin versus PC Anywhere

Radmin uses by default port 4899 however you can change this within the software.

If your connecting externally, set the firewall on your router to accept the external IP you are connecting from on port 4899 (or whichever you choose to use).You then need to setup the Port forwarding rule to point to the IP address of your PC. All you need to do is ensure the Radmin server service is running and accepting connections.

We use both Radmin and PC Anywhere however I tend to prefer Radmin as it appears most reliable.

As an extra note Radmin 3.0 VIEWER is free - you only have to pay for 3.0 SERVER.

Hope this helps :-)

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Many thanks. Is the AVG Firewall necessary?

by rovoco In reply to Radmin

Appreciate the input and your candid opinion. I have purchased AVG 7.5 Internet Security Home Edition and have installed it. I did not configure the AVG Firewall yet, since WINXP-SP2's Firewall is active. Is there really a need for AVG's firewall? It may be more effective than Windows' and if so, I'll activate it. I have always felt that it is better to have only one firewall active on any one PC, if it is a home-based LAN with no servers involved. What do you think? Best regards.....

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One Firewall

by Baxenden In reply to Many thanks. Is the AVG ...

My opinion is that you should only have one firewall - administration of anymore is likely to be a headache and completely unnecessary.

Do you have a firewall on your Router? I use the firewall on my router to free up resources on my PC and just have AV & Anti-spyware installed locally.

If you don't have a firewall on your router - AVG is pretty good so I'd opt to deactivate the Windows firewall and use AVG instead - only my opinion though.... :-)

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