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Guantanamo Bay Closure - America listens to the world for once.

By Oz_Media ·
Is this a turning of the tides? Has he US government decided to finally put the wishes of allies ahead of the wishes of their own people?

America's government has listened to the pleas of allies and decided that, against their own citizens wishes, they will close down GB to keep their allies happy.

They simply couldn't handle the pressure being placed upon them by allied nations and the media to close GB so they have decided to do so anyway.

Unfortunately when Obama went to ask for war funding he was denied 80 million needed to clear out GB until he had a firm plan on where to send them, so he was left seekign allies to take in these prisoners as Americans did not want an estimated 100 detainees released on US soil instead of Cuba.

Those for the action as President Obama, Hilary Clinton, John McCain, Kofi Anan, and Colin Powell among others.

Why do you think these politicians, who are leaders of the world's most powerful nation would buckle at the pressure by allies to close GB? Americans seem mainly against it so it suprises me that, despite what Americans want, that the politicians would ignore them just to keep allies happy.

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Noting has changed or will change

by TonytheTiger In reply to Guantanamo Bay Closure - ...

except the location/name of the facility.

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appeasement, as well you know

by jdclyde In reply to Guantanamo Bay Closure - ...

Tell me, should either Canada or the UK take the wishes of other countries over those of the citizens? I would say not.

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by Oz_Media In reply to appeasement, as well you ...

I just finished having a week long debate over this. Apparently,you are closing GB because of the pressure form allies. Because allies pressured you into releasing them, the allied nations should acccept them as refugees.

Hey. I didn't say it.

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by puppybreath In reply to Guantanamo Bay Closure - ...

I don't think that the decision has anything to do with the allies. I think it's being done to keep the people who voted for him happy and give the appearance that he's accomplishing something that was important to his core supporters.

As Tony stated, the detainees will end up in a different location with a different name but nothing else will change.

Just political maneuvering. Nothing more.

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keeping the people that voted for him happy

by jdclyde In reply to IMHO

and "bowing" to the will of the other nations in the world is exactly what makes his minions happy.

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Blah Blah Blah

by JamesRL In reply to keeping the people that v ...

Methinks this "bowing" thing is entirely too funny.

Yes, 200 years ago, bowing was meant as a sign of acknowledging roles, but mostly among nobility.

But today, bowing is a sign of respect and nothing more.

I've seen the Queen, up close and personal, and she doesn't care if you bow. She shakes hands even with commoners.

If I met a foreign monarch, I'd be happy to bow, but as a sign of respect, not to show any kind of obesience.

You gotta stop smokin the wacky tobaccy if you think that by bowing to Saudi royalty there was any hidden message. It may have been a protocol gaffe, but every president has those.


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It was a call-back

by jdclyde In reply to Blah Blah Blah

and also symbolic to what the far left (Obama supporters) have been wanting America to do for a long time now.

Care to respond to the rest of the post?

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The far left bow to monarchs?

by JamesRL In reply to It was a call-back

Um, that doesn't really give with my poli-sci 101 that says that the left generally is disdainful of monarchs. I know our Canadian left sure is.

I think I did respond to the other issues below, directly to Oz. I think that closing GB was an internal matter, wasn't influenced by foreign governments, for the reasons I mentioned.


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It is a mental illness

by jdclyde In reply to The far left bow to monar ...

"They" hate religion (Christians and Jews), but bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims.

"They" hate the rich and greed, all the while flying around the country/world to attend global warming gatherings. (where do they get the money for the plane trips?)

"They" hate that the US has been the only "Super-power", and will do anything to lower our standing in the world.

"They" hate the military, and think if we were to disband our military the whole world would live in harmony.

"They" think the French are superior, even if they did turn out to be even more racist than people in the US.

Of course, there will be some that stand up and decry this, but these seem to be the mainstream positions of the far left.

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Just one question

by Oz_Media In reply to It is a mental illness

Where do you get the left loving the French from? Perhaps that's an American thing but it certainly isn't so here, maybe because we have our own form of pseudo French folk here.

as for your comments on teh military and super power, again these are not comon issues up here, perhaps in the US but our left AND our right are extremeley different from yours.

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