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Halloween Mischief...any plans?

By Tink! ·
I can't wait for Halloween to roll around!

Since I leave after my co-worker I plan on changing her computer settings so when she turns it on it'll play a loud scream and have a big scary face on the desktop.

I know it'll scare the life out of her!

Anyone have a really good scary face pic?

Tink ]:)

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I know

by maecuff In reply to Halloween Mischief...any ...

this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but it's still a good one..

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Got Photoshop?

by jdmercha In reply to I know

Start with a picture of a famous person. (George Bush, Brad Pitt) Then rotate the eyes and mouth 180 degrees.

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no scary pics, and getting despareate for ideas

by jdclyde In reply to Halloween Mischief...any ...

and I am distressed that Halloween is coming up so quickly! I have been thinking about this for months, and I don't know what I will do to top last years costume in creativity!

As the EX and I had just split, I found a way we could continue our trend of having costumes that complemented each other. My avitar is the two of us together. Isn't that a loving couple if you ever saw one? ;\

The question is, how do I top that?

Things I have been already so they are ruled out. Devil (go figure), skelleton, and of course my avitar.

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How about being a brain donor

by m_johnson In reply to no scary pics, and gettin ...

I was a brain donor last year. Get an ugly scar for your forhead, wrap gauze bandage around your head, apply blood as needed, drip if you like. Lighten your face a bit to make it pale. Wear hospital gown or pjs and slippers. Take a cauliflower and carve it just a bit to shape it like a brain. Carry it in water (tint either pink or gray) in a clear plastic jar. Walk like it takes some concentration to do so. If you have silicon, have some drool hanging off your chin. This too could be a complementary costume to your ex. Enjoy!

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Leave it to another Michigander

by jdclyde In reply to How about being a brain d ...

to help with a grand idea like that!

I was starting to look into being a zombie with scars, rotting flesh, and worms coming out of the face and neck, but this would be a cool break from the ordinary ghouls and goblins!

Thanks! Now I just need to find a clear plastic jar...... That and a trip to goodwill is in order!

A small lable on the jar "Abby Normal". :^0

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Abby normal

by vanessaj In reply to Leave it to another Michi ...

...that was just a really great movie.

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by maecuff In reply to Abby normal

it never ceases to amuse. How have you been? Haven't seen you around lately.

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Great to hear from you too, Mae...

by vanessaj In reply to True..

I've been working my butt off (actually, I wish it were that easy - I really would have a much smaller caboose by now). I've been good and am able to peek into the discussion boards on a very limited basis these days. I have been trying to keep up, but maybe not doing so good a job. I just read recently, the thread about Shellbot's daughter running away and feel like it's just too late to write a note to her. I feel badly about that.

I mainly just log on, go to jd's profile and see what he has been posting to and go from there. He's a really good compass to the coolest discussions. And I don't think I'm the only one that does that, either. I also check in with you and Tigger to see if you have posted to anything different. I mainly have time to read but not to post, really. A lot is going on.

I am very happy to hear from you, though and would love to catch up. It's been about 5 or 6 weeks for me now, being out of the loop (or is it out of the lieu? :) ) so let me know if I've missed anything in that time. I did get to see Tig's pics, though. Very inspiring. How about that girl? Can't wait until next year...although I'll bet she wouldn't say the same. I'll bet she can, most definitely, wait until next year.

How have you been? How's the job sit'n? Let me (and the TechR world) know what's going on, or send me to the link I may have missed, if you already informed the world and I still had my head under the proverbial rock. I hope you are doing well and un-stressed as a tech can possible be. Take care of yourself, Mae. I'll continue to keep a look out on the boards for you! :^0 :) B-)

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Hey Vanessa!

by Tig2 In reply to Great to hear from you to ...

Good to see you lurking girl!

If you ever figure out how to rid yourself of the caboose, TELL ME! I am here to tell you that just walking don't cut it.

What in the world has you jumping so fast and hard? You might want to keep in mind that all work and no play will kill you. Not good, not fun!

Temperature here has dropped like a rock making training a real joy. Just so many layers you can put on. I have a feeling that my training days are numbered. AARRRGGGGHHHH!

Believe it or not, I AM looking forward to the 2007 walk. My feet may not agree. Oh well- they'll get over it.

Stay in touch! Now that I know you're lurking, I will try harder to be funny. Some days and all that...

Be good to yourself!

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by maecuff In reply to Great to hear from you to ...

are still in a holding pattern here at work. Although, I understand that the union WILL be voting this weekend, so I'll know by then whether or not they're going to strike. From what I hear, it doesn't sound good. And I'm not sure how we'll fulfill our contracts if that happens. I really think our parent company will shut us down if they strike. Traditionally that is what they have done with other divisions in similar situations.

I'm really not too worried, I just want to know one way or the other what will happen. I'm tired of waiting. Quite frankly, it will be a good reason to move away from the area. One of my husband's clients wants me to move to MN to head up her IT department. I dunno, though. I'm not to keen on moving to the tundra. (No offense Tig!) I want to go where it's WARM. I'm not giving up hope on the Georgia job, it's just that I have no way of knowing what will happen with that until this contract is settled.

So, I guess, either way has its ups and downs. It's a bit scary to think about being jobless, but again, I'm not overly concerned. Yet.

Tig..please don't tell me that walking as much as you have doesn't help!! That means the pathetic amount I'm doing is just a waste of time! Maybe liposuction...

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