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    Halloween Mischief…any plans?


    by tink! ·

    I can’t wait for Halloween to roll around!

    Since I leave after my co-worker I plan on changing her computer settings so when she turns it on it’ll play a loud scream and have a big scary face on the desktop.

    I know it’ll scare the life out of her!

    Anyone have a really good scary face pic?

    Tink ]:)

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      I know

      by maecuff ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s still a good one..

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        Got Photoshop?

        by jdmercha ·

        In reply to I know

        Start with a picture of a famous person. (George Bush, Brad Pitt) Then rotate the eyes and mouth 180 degrees.

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      no scary pics, and getting despareate for ideas

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      and I am distressed that Halloween is coming up so quickly! I have been thinking about this for months, and I don’t know what I will do to top last years costume in creativity!

      As the EX and I had just split, I found a way we could continue our trend of having costumes that complemented each other. My avitar is the two of us together. Isn’t that a loving couple if you ever saw one? ;\

      The question is, how do I top that?

      Things I have been already so they are ruled out. Devil (go figure), skelleton, and of course my avitar.

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        How about being a brain donor

        by m_johnson ·

        In reply to no scary pics, and getting despareate for ideas

        I was a brain donor last year. Get an ugly scar for your forhead, wrap gauze bandage around your head, apply blood as needed, drip if you like. Lighten your face a bit to make it pale. Wear hospital gown or pjs and slippers. Take a cauliflower and carve it just a bit to shape it like a brain. Carry it in water (tint either pink or gray) in a clear plastic jar. Walk like it takes some concentration to do so. If you have silicon, have some drool hanging off your chin. This too could be a complementary costume to your ex. Enjoy!

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          Leave it to another Michigander

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to How about being a brain donor

          to help with a grand idea like that! 😀

          I was starting to look into being a zombie with scars, rotting flesh, and worms coming out of the face and neck, but this would be a cool break from the ordinary ghouls and goblins!

          Thanks! Now I just need to find a clear plastic jar…… That and a trip to goodwill is in order! 😀

          A small lable on the jar “Abby Normal”. :^0

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          Abby normal

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to Leave it to another Michigander

          …that was just a really great movie.

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          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Abby normal

          it never ceases to amuse. How have you been? Haven’t seen you around lately.

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          Great to hear from you too, Mae…

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to True..

          I’ve been working my butt off (actually, I wish it were that easy – I really would have a much smaller caboose by now). I’ve been good and am able to peek into the discussion boards on a very limited basis these days. I have been trying to keep up, but maybe not doing so good a job. I just read recently, the thread about Shellbot’s daughter running away and feel like it’s just too late to write a note to her. I feel badly about that.

          I mainly just log on, go to jd’s profile and see what he has been posting to and go from there. He’s a really good compass to the coolest discussions. And I don’t think I’m the only one that does that, either. I also check in with you and Tigger to see if you have posted to anything different. I mainly have time to read but not to post, really. A lot is going on.

          I am very happy to hear from you, though and would love to catch up. It’s been about 5 or 6 weeks for me now, being out of the loop (or is it out of the lieu? 🙂 ) so let me know if I’ve missed anything in that time. I did get to see Tig’s pics, though. Very inspiring. How about that girl? Can’t wait until next year…although I’ll bet she wouldn’t say the same. I’ll bet she can, most definitely, wait until next year.

          How have you been? How’s the job sit’n? Let me (and the TechR world) know what’s going on, or send me to the link I may have missed, if you already informed the world and I still had my head under the proverbial rock. I hope you are doing well and un-stressed as a tech can possible be. Take care of yourself, Mae. I’ll continue to keep a look out on the boards for you! 😛 😡 :^0 🙂 B-) 😀

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          Hey Vanessa!

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Great to hear from you too, Mae…

          Good to see you lurking girl!

          If you ever figure out how to rid yourself of the caboose, TELL ME! I am here to tell you that just walking don’t cut it.

          What in the world has you jumping so fast and hard? You might want to keep in mind that all work and no play will kill you. Not good, not fun!

          Temperature here has dropped like a rock making training a real joy. Just so many layers you can put on. I have a feeling that my training days are numbered. AARRRGGGGHHHH!

          Believe it or not, I AM looking forward to the 2007 walk. My feet may not agree. Oh well- they’ll get over it.

          Stay in touch! Now that I know you’re lurking, I will try harder to be funny. Some days and all that…

          Be good to yourself!

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          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Great to hear from you too, Mae…

          are still in a holding pattern here at work. Although, I understand that the union WILL be voting this weekend, so I’ll know by then whether or not they’re going to strike. From what I hear, it doesn’t sound good. And I’m not sure how we’ll fulfill our contracts if that happens. I really think our parent company will shut us down if they strike. Traditionally that is what they have done with other divisions in similar situations.

          I’m really not too worried, I just want to know one way or the other what will happen. I’m tired of waiting. Quite frankly, it will be a good reason to move away from the area. One of my husband’s clients wants me to move to MN to head up her IT department. I dunno, though. I’m not to keen on moving to the tundra. (No offense Tig!) I want to go where it’s WARM. I’m not giving up hope on the Georgia job, it’s just that I have no way of knowing what will happen with that until this contract is settled.

          So, I guess, either way has its ups and downs. It’s a bit scary to think about being jobless, but again, I’m not overly concerned. Yet.

          Tig..please don’t tell me that walking as much as you have doesn’t help!! That means the pathetic amount I’m doing is just a waste of time! Maybe liposuction…

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          Well Mae…

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Great to hear from you too, Mae…

          Definitely better tone- I have great leg muscles. But I was really hoping for a better result…

          I want to know what magic is required to get rid of the flabby thighs. I think amputation is my only hope.

          Either that or I need to quit worrying about it.

          You know, I don’t know that it would be legal for the two of us to live in the same state. But it WOULD be fun. Let me know what you decide to do- at least if you did decide to move here, you wouldn’t be coming in totally alone.

          If you decide to not move here and your husband’s friend is looking, I know a couple of really good people currently looking for work…

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          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Great to hear from you too, Mae…

          She is in the Minneapolis area (I think). I will definitely pass that along via my husband. I don’t think she understands what she really NEEDS. I’ve tried to explain to her that my skill set is very specific. She has a programmer that has (is)developed her software, but he doesn’t seem to be very good at project management and that is where she needs help. I told her that I don’t think she could afford me to run a 1 person IT shop just because the programmer isn’t good at managing his work. Not only that, I am not at all familiar with this type of code, so I wouldn’t be much help, other than keeping him on schedule.

          Edited to add: and by the way, I think it would be great fun to live near each other. Think of all the trouble we could get into. Of course, I may need a part time job to handle bail money..

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          Hey Mae

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Great to hear from you too, Mae…

          Minneapolis is about 20 minutes south of me. I know a couple of PMs (including me) looking for new project work. My expereince has generally been that Programmers can be somewhat narrow in their vision when it comes to project completion and implementation. Probably why I don’t write code anymore.

          It would be a kick to live close to one another. And don’t worry about that second job for bail money- we can always call my partner. He will only be mildly disapproving…

        • #3204481


          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Great to hear from you too, Mae…

          sending a PM.

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          Well, you two…

          by vanessaj ·

          In reply to Great to hear from you too, Mae…

          I can certainly see that you are doing well, despite everything. That makes me happy. I cannot imagine the two of you in any closer proximity. O…M…G!!!

          (to be a fly on that wall!)

          Thanks for the good wishes. I really do HAVE to get some fun in sometime. All work no play is exactly right…and work is now pretty much 7 days. I am starting my own business – which has NOTHING to do with computers, really. Wierd, huh? I like doing both, but until my new business gets off the ground, I am going to be swamped. I believe, practically, I’m looking at Spring. Did I mention…the business is Home Staging. Preparing homes for sale. You know, like the guy on TV (Sell this house). It is something I have been doing for fun on the weekends for years (for next to free) for friends and family, and their friends and their friends… I finally found out that you can make some real good money doing it. If I can build a business and build a team, I am hoping I can just stand and point in my old age. 🙂

          Isn’t that the American Dream? Well, anyway, that’s it and I am having the time of my life. I just only realize it when I come up for air about once a week or so. I am now incorporated and have my own domain ( and lots of fun stuff like that. Now I just have to get an actual website. Think I should use the new Word 2007 beta? It IS XML. I was going to learn Frontpage but that’s no longer supported. I could pay somebody but that’s no fun and I really should keep my money right now. Any suggestions on a website? See any that you really like? Let me know.

          So take good care of yourselves. Mae, let us know what is happening with the job. I’ll be sure to check in next week. Tig, take a rest…you certainly do deserve one.

          And JD…well, you just keep being you, babe! 😀

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      Reverse Trick or Treating

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      I plan to incorporate Halloween into fundraising efforts as it is the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

      Partner and I will pack a pail with miniature chocolate bars and pink ribbon pins and go door to door handing them out along with awareness information and a donation form or card.

      Already have the costume- 3 Day gear and walking shoes.

      Should be fun!

    • #3228445

      What’s the screen resolution?

      by ontheropes ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      I’ll look for something. I may have one or two that might work.

    • #3228432

      Halloween pranks

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      I think I will burn my new office to the ground….oh, I guess I shouldn’t really say that. Hmmmph, oh well, I’ll scare the crap out of someone instead.

      • #3228035


        by onbliss ·

        In reply to Halloween pranks

        …me of the movie “Office Space”. Maybe destiny has a nice vacation for you in Carribean, Mexico or some Pacific island 🙂

        • #3227655


          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Reminds…

          I’d move back to Vancouver Island (technically an island in the Pacific and far more appealing to me than tacky vacation spots or those overly hot caribbean vacations) in a heartbeat. A good opportunity brought me back here, but I still look out at the ocean from my office and pine for the island again.

    • #3228225

      nope. no plans for “halloween”

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      going to be celebrating samhain though.
      the “Parade of Lost Souls” is usually fun.
      fire dancers and all.

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      Trick or treating

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      has unfortunately crossed over to the UK and is quite often carried out as a sort of “demanding money with meanaces” with gangs of kids without adult supervision terrorising old folk.

      This particular oldish folk is cooking up his famous brand of Habanero Toffees to sort the little buggers out with a proper “treat”. As the usual “trick” is to overturn trashcans, mine will be wired via a switch to the mains electricity for the duration of the evening as will the bodywork of my car and the handrail of my steps.

      Normally, the designation of “grumpy old git” is about right but on this particular Halloween, I will be jetlagged as well.


      • #3228178

        Know what you mean

        by gadgetgirl ·

        In reply to Trick or treating

        got the demanding money with menaces bit up here, too. And the little b*ggers demand bought costumes, not the home made ones, and, if you’re not careful, grab three handfuls of sweets in a split second.

        The added bonus of the CCTV I have front and back is that I can see who is knocking on the door…. and only open it to the kids from the street that I actually KNOW….!

        Thanks for the hugs and sympathy, you jetlagged grumpy old git! 😡


        • #3227567

          home made is usually best

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Know what you mean

          as the store costumes usually suck something awful!

          We buy accessories, and we hit the thrift stores as well.

          Demanding money? Man, all I ever got was a pillowcase full of candy…..

          Which reminds me, been meaning to throw away the candy we still have left from trick-or-treat last year. (we never ate it!) A whole drawer of it.

        • #3203604

          You’re kidding

          by zclayton2 ·

          In reply to home made is usually best

          Save the last years candy for ones that can’t be bothered with a costume and shouldn’t be out anymore anyway. They are usually 13+ and don’t have the excuse of escort duty for younger siblings. The escorts I have a bag of good stuff for, they deserve it.

      • #3227568

        How sad

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to Trick or treating

        here in the US, no kid is allowed to take anything that is not store bought and sealed, unless you REALLY know the people, like family or something.

        needles, razors, poison, you get the idea.

        Some people really make me wish our society was not too civilized to make the punishment fit the crime.

        • #3227410

          We don’t know how to do it properly

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to How sad

          It is quite sad really. What we’ve mostly got is uncontrolled kids trying to make money or get candy or – more likely – having an excuse to make more of a nuisance than they usually do. We also have some parents who think it’s “cute” and try and organise something in their street despite that other parents don’t. That’s always good for a laugh.

          Either way, it’s not one of our traditions and we really shouldn’t bother because most have only a vague idea what’s supposed to happen derived from episodes of Roseanne.

          What I’ll really do is totally ignore Halloween and, if the doorbell rings, I won’t bother to answer it.
          Even if they do manage to get past the razor wire on the gate.


        • #3227360

          I don’t know, Neil,

          by old guy ·

          In reply to We don’t know how to do it properly

          I think wiring the door and car body to the electricity might be fun for you. It would be effective. 🙂

        • #3227873

          The rule for houses to go up to

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to We don’t know how to do it properly

          If they have their porch light on, they want you to come on up. No light, they either are not home, are not participating because they hate kids, or are already out of candy.

          My neighborhood doesn’t have a lot participate anymore, so not many kids some up. The parents all pack their brats up and cart them into the richest sections of town, and they get flooded.

          It really has become a disgrace around here.

          We go to relatives houses only. Have not done the door-to-door for years now. The boys weren’t having much fun with it so instead of going door to door, we go to some businesses that do events, and for their candy I let them each pick out a few bags of what THEY want.

          That, and my bud has a big party the weekend before. Just about everyone dresses up. everyone brings a dish, and there is always lots of good food.

          We have the big fire out back, the kids can run in the woods, and I always have fireworks to shoot off as long as the woods aren’t dry. The big mortars with the three bursts. good stuff! 😀

        • #3227830

          Fireworks and nostalgia…

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to The rule for houses to go up to

          We have bonfires and fireworks on November 5 to celebrate burning Catholics. Really, burning effigies of the perpetrators of a Catholic plot to blow up Parliament and return us to catholic rule. Some say that the effigies burned on bonfires, “guys”, are of Guy Fawkes who was discovered with the gunpowder in the Parliament cellars. Others say that their guys are of Pope Paul V, Pope at the time of the Plot.

          Remember, remember the fifth of November,
          Gunpowder, treason and plot,
          We see no reason,
          Why gunpowder treason,
          Should ever be forgot!

          You don’t see it so much these days but, when I were a lad, we’d make a guy out of old clothes stuffed with newspaper, sit him on a street corner and tout for pennies to buy fireworks:

          Guy, Guy, Guy,
          Stick him up on high
          Hang him on a lamp post
          And leave him there to die
          Ladies and gentlemen you’ll never grow fat
          If you don’t put a penny in the old Guy’s hat

          Usually there was food at bonfires – baked potato, parkin (a cake with oatmeal and treacle), soup, cocoa, gingerbread men, treacle toffee and toffee apples.

          As a cultural aside, at the State Opening of Parliament one of the annual ceremonies is the searching of the cellar by men in early-17th-century costumes.

          The best celebrations are in the town of Lewes, fifty miles south of London. I’ve been a couple of times and it’s WILD! They are usually attended by more than 50,000 people and have been an annual event since 1556 when “Bloody” Mary I had 17 Protestants burnt at the stake. It’s tamed a bit since the army had to be called in on several occasions when revelries got out of hand. They banned bonfires from the streets around a hundred years ago because, generally, a few houses belonging to less popular citizens were “accidentally” torched.

          Happy days 😀

          I don’t know if they did anything special in Newcastle (GG?) or the Black Country (Jelli?).

    • #3228121

      ‘Twas the Night Before Halloween…

      by dmambo ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      When I was a kid, we called the evening of 30-Oct “Cabbage Night” That was the night when the neighborhood ruffians would pull a lot of pranks. The Flaming Dogsh!t, ringing doorbells, soaping car windows, letting air out of tires, redistributing raked up leaves, etc. It was also a very useful night to finish off the leftover Independance Day fireworks in trash cans. I’m not proud of doing many of these things, but it was fun.

      My wife’s stories of her Canadian upbringing are a little less notorious. Her gang called that night “Mat Night” and – now get this – they would swap neighbors’ door mats (gassssp!). Not heavily into the vandalism thing, those 1970’s Montreal girls!

      What were your pre-Halloween prankster rituals? What did you call the night designated for the pranks?

      • #3227648

        We had

        by maecuff ·

        In reply to ‘Twas the Night Before Halloween…

        cabbage night on Oct. 30. Mostly, we stuck to egging and toilet paper.

        When I was 14, some friends and I got caught egging houses, we tried to outrun the police through a field and some woods. He caught us just outside my friends door, gun pulled, yelling “freeze”, just like in the movies. Then he frisked us. I’m pretty sure he just wanted to feel up some young girls, because after he frisked us, he just let us go. My friend’s mother worked as a waitress at a truck stop, so no adults were in sight. Ah, the memories.. 🙂

        • #3227562

          thinking back

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to We had

          did it seem like a real frisk, or the groping that our hugging friend didn’t want?

          14 year old girls, at gun point. probably figured you were so scared he could do as he pleased.

          people got away with a lot more back then, just try that now!

      • #3227563

        Devils night

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to ‘Twas the Night Before Halloween…

        of course.

        At least they are starting to get a handle on things in Detroit. They would usually have about three dozen houses burn to the ground, Think there was only a dozen last year.

        I never went out on this night. I was a good boy! 😀

        • #3227476

          Detroit madness

          by dmambo ·

          In reply to Devils night

          I seem to remember in the 80’s, the Detroit Devil’s Night was at the height of its craziness. People dying and everything.

          My youth was not influenced by that kind of stuff. For me, it was more like Mayfield (think Leave It To Beaver). Pretty simple pranks, but the old folks in the neighborhood didn’t like it much. I never tried anything too big, because all the neighbors knew where I lived and if I got caught….

          Unlike Mae, I never had anyone “cop” a feel. :0

        • #3227420

          sounds like

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Detroit madness

          SOMEONE is feeling left out! :p

        • #3227390

          Let’s just say…

          by dmambo ·

          In reply to sounds like

          …that if Mae feels a need for revenge, then I’m willing to be handed over.

          Like the Bible says, “an eye for an eye, a touch for a touch”. Or something like that.

        • #3227383

          I’m a bit dense

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Let’s just say…

          I’m not sure if you’re willing to let me cop a feel or if you’ll exact revenge on the cop who did it. This was, oh..around 20 years ago. Maybe he’s dead by now.

        • #3227872

          It sounded like

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I’m a bit dense

          he was going after the cop for you! 😀

          yeah, 20. That was about how I figured the math too…. ;\

        • #3227856


          by maecuff ·

          In reply to I’m a bit dense

          I rounded up. It would have been 19 years ago if I had been 14. 🙂

        • #3227434

          Sure sure…..

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Devils night

          Growing up in the country we would hear of things like flaming bags of manure on the doorstep, or leaf piles on the road with gasoline on them, being lit when a car approaches (at high speed). Never saw it myself. Sure it happened but not frquently.

          We did experience soaped windows, egging and the occasional TPing of trees and yards. With a good hard soap on glass you used razor blades to get it off.


      • #3227387

        nothing specataular

        by shellbot ·

        In reply to ‘Twas the Night Before Halloween…

        when we were young we’d go trick or treating..well, treating, we never did tricks. all the grannies and aunties used to make us sing songs or recite embarrasing, but hey, we got candy so we didn’t care 🙂

        as a teen..well a few eggs, a bit of toilet paper, maybe some nice soft tomatoes..we always targeted those who had slighted us in some way, or a teacher we all disliked. We were failry harmless as in we didn’t do anything that the hose wouldn’t wash off.

      • #3227378


        by shellbot ·

        In reply to ‘Twas the Night Before Halloween…

        Where i am they have big bonfires, which are supervised..each neighbourhood would have one. plenty of fireworks as well. If they would all get together and coordinate it would be a h3ll of a show!

        in Dublin the little b*stards go mental. Burn cars and sheds and whatever they can get thier hands on. Fireworks big as well..its a chaotic night and a few of them always manage to blow thier fingers/hands off with fireworks. Its recamended to keep your pets in, as some of them are sadistic and will target animals with the fireworks.

        Last year my kid had a bit of a party (supervised) and that went over pretty well as no one here really does that. So i suppose we’ll have to do it again now. When she was younger i’d have a party for the kids, kept them in and out of trouble..i always just asked the parents to send a bag of treats and we’d play games and hand them out as prizes..everyone got a prize of course though 🙂

      • #3140711

        No Fun

        by gsg ·

        In reply to ‘Twas the Night Before Halloween…

        I lived on restricted Federal Property where everyone who lived there, worked at the same federal facility, and to top it off, there were towers overlooking the area that had full range of vision over the houses we lived in. We couldn’t pull a prank without the parents being called before we were finished with the prank. There’s nothing worse than going home all flushed with victory to open the door and having a parent standing there with arms crossed, tapping foot, and all prepared with a 2 week grounding.

    • #3228041

      Check out this video…

      by vanessaj ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      I don’t know where you can get the pic…but the results can be hilarious (and a little dangerous). Have fun and let us know how it goes!

      (about 1 minute long)(sound)

      • #3228027

        Ok, I have to have that

        by old guy ·

        In reply to Check out this video…

        and I need to know how to make it pop up on the screen. Please, oh please let me know….

        • #3227560

          here it is

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Ok, I have to have that

          even if you know it is coming, you still jump.

        • #3227437

          Thank you, thank you,

          by old guy ·

          In reply to here it is

          thank you. I can not wait to get a couple of people here at my office! I think I will attempt to video tape them like the link in Vanessaj’s post. Oh, I can’t wait. ]:)

        • #3227423

          I fully EXPECT

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Thank you, thank you,

          to get an update back about how it goes.

          When I had sent this around a few months back, I sent it as just a maze, and commented on how long it took me to get past level 3 and halfway through level 4.

          Did you jump when you tried it?

          Got some new people I am going to have to send that to again! did you watch the other video further up? 😀

        • #3227348

          I will definitely update you

          by old guy ·

          In reply to I fully EXPECT

          on this. I have to plan it just right though because only a few have speakers on their PCs here.

          I kept my volumn down because I knew it had to be the sound that worked the best. After I got through it then I went back in with the sound on. It is going to be soooooo cool!

        • #3227336

          Had a GREAT joke file

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I will definitely update you

          It was called “Bunny.exe”.

          When you activated it, it used Java to turn your speakers all the way up, and then a guy yells “HEY EVERYBODY! I’M LOOKING AT PORNO OVER HERE! WOO HOO!”

          Then a nice little “gotcha!” box would pop up on the screen.

          That of course was back before everyone started deleting executables in emails at the firewall. ~sigh~

        • #3227994

          I bet that joke file

          by old guy ·

          In reply to I will definitely update you

          really got some attention. :^0

    • #3227771

      K, Y’all I need Pics and Sounds

      by tink! ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      Still looking for a really ghoulish face close-up.

      And then need a WAV file of a scream. Not real long, maybe 10 seconds or so?

      A nice blood-curdling one!

      Suggest away!


      • #3227767

        JD posted this one upstairs

        by old guy ·

        In reply to K, Y’all I need Pics and Sounds

        • #3227699

          I already used it twice

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to JD posted this one upstairs

          again and it brings me such joy!

          I tell them I can’t get past lvl 4, so they think you can finish 3. Many are expecting something, but you have to concentrate so hard at the end of three that you can’t help it!

          life is good.

        • #3227685

          I pulled it on my

          by old guy ·

          In reply to I already used it twice

          wife tonight and told her I was having trouble getting past level three and wanted to see if she could figure it out. I was trying to video tape her but she almost caught me. She screamed and jumped back in the chair about 2 feet (rolling chair). She tried to hit me but I was standing and got away from her. I think she is finally starting to talk to me now. It was hilarious! I’ve started the set up at work. I have someone in cahoots with me that has speakers on his computer but most people don’t notice them. There are a couple of girls (no, I’m not sexist but, face it, gettin’ the girls with this kind of thing is a lot easier :^0
          )we’re going to set up for this and video tape them. I can’t wait.

        • #3229052

          if only

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I pulled it on my

          you had a web cam so you could get the expression on their face. 😀

        • #3228877

          My co-worker was “gotten”

          by tink! ·

          In reply to I pulled it on my

          (incidentally she is also my intended victim)

          Her husband received the one with the car driving down the road and he called downstairs to their computer room stating he wanted to show her something (they’re both pretty new to the online scene)

          She didn’t know he had the speakers turned all the way up and the lights were down low (for better viewing of the computer screen)

          Needless to say she nearly had a heart attack!!


        • #3228794

          Oldy but goody!

          by wschindewolf ·

          In reply to My co-worker was “gotten”

    • #3227149

      guy fawlks night

      by half9 ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      We used to be able to buy skyrockets and a explosive called cannons,and all the other usual fireworks, roman candles, sparklers, ect. But things have changed and a lot of these are no longer available, due to vandalisim and injurys.
      One of the local country schools holds a gala night with a large bonfire and professional fireworks people doing there thing. It is a great fundraiser,with all the stalls that we usually have cake, compititions, blow up entertainment for the kids, quickfire raffles ect.And hot sausages on bread with onions and sauce and hot coffee,{$2] makes a great night,also it is spring time here so usually the weather is a bit settled. being in the country the local cocky makes the next paddock to the school
      a car park, Entry is a large gold coin per person {$2].A couple of thousand people at least is normal on a good night. Gates open at 5pm and the display is around 7.30 start, so the little ones are not up too late. nominal 9pm finish

    • #3205464

      Lots of pictures

      by gsg ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      I have lots of pictures, but can’t send them. I work in a hospital… Nothing scarier than a picture of a diseased colon. Makes me want to go eat some fiber.

    • #3203191


      by aldisp9 ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans?

      It will scare the life out of her… Interesting, what are your plans regarding the body?… 😉

      Besides, is she the type of person who will understand this kind of *joke*?

      • #3203011

        hmmm….the body

        by tink! ·

        In reply to Curious…

        I could make it my Halloween scarecrow.

        Oh yea she’s ok with pranks and jokes. The guys in the plant banter with her all the time. And she’s the one I played that “Critical Virus” joke on for April Fool’s. She’s a great sport!

        I just have to ok it with the CEO (which I don’t think is a problem either…everyone is into jokes around here) as the scream will be audible to the whole office I’m sure. (remember…small company…small building)

        Tink 🙂

    • #3221803

      Halloween Costumes

      by suryan2k2 ·

      In reply to Halloween Mischief…any plans? ( selling a huge collection of Halloween costumes through its websites. Halloween Costumes showcased at Costumes4less include costumes for Halloween, Christmas, Theater Performance costume, School Plays. Costume for any party, theme or occasion. Halloween costume collection includes costumes for newborn, children and adult costumes- all at affordable prices

      • #3221800


        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to Halloween Costumes

        there, just had to say it. I gave a more reasoned reply in the other thread.

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