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Hand me down policy

By pieter.debeer ·
In a growing systems development company like ours with 200+ people and the company has been in operation since 1985 I need to put a hand me down policy in place. I have power users with with older machines and new people starting in the company with the latest technology that only brows the web and use email. I guess I have 2 options. To disrupt the whole company and sort the differences out, once and for all, or take a long term approach and give new people systems that are in line with theirwork responsibility and the problem will sort itself out in 2 to 3 years.

Any comments?

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Don't step on toes!!!

by eugenev In reply to Hand me down policy

Hi Pieter.

Being a senior support consultant for a long time this situation is not uncommen.
Best for yourself and your company is to sit with the director's board and form a policy
regarding whats the min/max spec for every position and then enforce that policy.
My opinion is give a user what he needs - no more and no less!
If it means that you have to disrupt the company or section(s) for a while, then do it.
With proper procedures in tact it will not happen again.
Just remember to ducument everything you do.
Tip - Draw up a proposal in Visio2000 and submit to your Directors board.

Regards and good luck

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Heres a few tips

by Rob Hogan In reply to Hand me down policy

I have a close friend who works for a larger corporation with roughly 250+ pc's. They set up groups for the hardware specs on the computers and then you simply determine where the user fits best in these groups. Along with this they have upgrade policies for each groups, that way your graphics/cad/etc guys keep up to pace with the software and you dont spend a mint giving your basic users more than they need. It seems to work rather well for them.
Unfortunately he wasnt around when this was implemented so I cant tell you how they brought it into place, although I imagine they were in a similar position when they decided to do it.

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