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By jdclyde ·
Hear yea, hear yea!

On this, the fifthteenth of the month of Feb, is the monumentuous occasion for all the common folks to gather and rejoice at the celebration of the Birth of our Queen, GadgetGirl (aka gg, aka mm, aka mini mom).

Happy Birtyday, and long live the Queen!

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Job's done

by stargazerr In reply to HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All HAIL ...

Hello Mr. Late Entry.


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by gadgetgirl In reply to Job's done

don't be hard on him (oohoo! DE!!!)

He already peer mailed me a happy bday....

(grief, you'd think this bottla wine was already open....!!!)


(Great one liner though. Have an extra 100 points from me...)

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Peer Mail Doesnt count

by stargazerr In reply to erm.....Gazer.....


Now to figure out what to do with my 100 points


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What should I have done then

by jdclyde In reply to Peer Mail Doesnt count

text message her? Call her?

She is MUCH too busy for that!

This and the peer are things that are just nice to come back to (and on).

But your right, maybe flowers would have been more appropreate?

Maybe a poem?

How I love thee? Let me count the ways!
Doggie style..
.....bearskin rug.
.strobe lights.
.fog machines.....
...whipped "squirtty" cream.

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jd, don't you ever change....!!

by gadgetgirl In reply to What should I have done t ...

that did make me laugh!

but, monkey bars? fog machines ???

Chandeliers and tops of wardrobes not good enough for you now???


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"Good enough"?

by jdclyde In reply to jd, don't you ever change ...

good enough is NEVER good enough for you, my sweet!

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Hail, Hail

by rob mekel In reply to HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All HAIL ...

Now this is a bright day to remember.

Let?s give the Queen, GadgetGirl, a remembours day.

Happy Birthday GadgetGirl, with lots of fun and loving.

mmm, come to think of it, ]:), will she be able to handle us all


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by gadgetgirl In reply to Hail, Hail

I'd have to try, wouldn't I?

The real question though, would have to be - could BFF's coffee table take it???!!!

ooops. Mad mode. Thread weaving again.....

not gonna say sorry! It's my birthday!!


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let's try

by rob mekel In reply to BRING IT ON, BRING IT ON! ...

If you can handle us or let alone just me , (o boy I?m asking for it ain?t I) blush blush

If BFF's coffee table is as strong as he claims?

If you won't be, by inviting us all to coffee. Coffee, yuk, there must be something else to celebrate your birthday with, cheers :)


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Are you going to move your birthday?

by Montgomery Gator In reply to BRING IT ON, BRING IT ON! ...

Happy Birthday, Gadget!!

Are you going to do like a certain other Queen did, and move your birthday celebration to April? :-)

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