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Happy Birthday :) Shellbot

By rob mekel too ·
Do forgive me Shellbot. I'm so very sorry that I did forget your birthday. Just tell me how I can make up for that.
But first
Happy Anniversary my dear :)
I hope you had a great day. btw when was it exactly, the 23rd of june?

How where your holidays? I hope you had a great time and did get a good rest away from work and all other things that can mess up with our minds!
What in the world was she thinking by staying away that long. Must be us who are messing up with her mind.

Welcome back Shellbot!


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awe entire post heading for me :)

by Shellbot In reply to Happy Birthday :) Shellb ...

Thanks :)
Don't worry, you've made it up to me already.

Yes, June 23 was the day.
I was in the south of Spain for a couple weeks. I'll post a piccy on the weekend of where i was.

I had a great time. So now I am all relaxed and refreshed.

Now i start looking for a new job and start classes for my MCAD next week. (Why do i put myself through this stuff??)

Its good to be back..i'll wait a few days before i cause any mayhem though. ]:)

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better not

by Jaqui In reply to awe entire pos ...

wait that is. the way TR's been acting you might not get a chance for a while again

happy belated bday.

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no kidding

by Shellbot In reply to better not

its being a right pain today isn't it..i been trying read posts and its not cooperating..

i tell ya, the pain one has to go through to waste thier afternoon at work on the internet :)

Thanks J.

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today? try

by Jaqui In reply to no kidding

for the last 5 days.

and the TR staff ain't back in the orifice until tomorrow.

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Happy Birthday!!

by maecuff In reply to awe entire pos ...

Welcome back!

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A belated Happy Birthday

by neilb@uk In reply to Happy Birthday :) Shellb ...

So, where d'you go. I love Spain - food, people, sunshine...

Dos San Miguel, por favor...

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Dos ??? ?

by rob mekel In reply to A belated Happy Birthday

Just Dos ... are you sick ?
With the weather we're having I could drink ten's of them :) that is time given.
Do prefer a Rose wine tho, special late evening, sun going down, looking out over the sea :) I do love that.

So is the heat going down in London yet? It seemed that the heat on Wimbledon was moving up yesterday for a short moment Sharapova didn't care less, so she claims
Great games tho, do like to watch them.


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Order them as you drink them!

by neilb@uk In reply to Dos ??? ?:|

We're just getting the first of the thunderstorms that generally come before a change in the weather. It's supposed to be cooler, 23C, by Friday or Saturday in London which is 9 or 10 cooler than yesterday!

It will be raining in Wimbledon soon as it's raining here in the centre of London and Wimbledon's about 10-15 Km away.

Possibly not much play today.


Collapse -'re in London?

by vanessaj In reply to Order them as you drink t ...

That is very cool. You should put that in your "location" area of your profile. Good to know!

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Location in the profile

by neilb@uk In reply to're in London?

You can't put anything in if you don't enter a state and we can't enter one if we're not from US or Canada! All we Brits (and Rob from Holland) gg, stargazer and so on would like to enter our location. :)

My site alias is actually neilb@London but the damn anti-spider makes it neilb@...

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