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Happy Veteran's / Remembrance Day

By TomSal ·
Today is Veteran's day in the USA and I believe it is Remembrance day in Canada.

I know some people find it odd that I send out a post like this (believe it or not lots of folks get annoyed when you "remember" events like D-Day or Veteran's/Remembrance day) but sue me/hate me/think its stupid...I don't care...I have this thing about thinking of the sacrifices or our military service men and women -- especially during major events like WWII, 'Nam (even though I disagreed with the war), etc.

So just wanted to say if you are a vet....thanks.

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by Packet Spoofer In reply to Happy Veteran's / Remembr ...

Thanks to any and all who have served and defended the USA

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I second the thank you

by greg_ross_sr In reply to Happy Veteran's / Remembr ...

And don't forget to give a veteran whom you know a quick phone call today and tell them thank you. Most vets I know would act like they dont want to hear it, and it might be a little awkward for us to do, but I think they deserve it none the less.

God bless.

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You're Welcome

by Mike Mullins In reply to I second the thank you

Greg & Poindexteremc2,
I'll take that thanks. I've served our country for over 24 years in two branches of service and lived through it all.

When the bullets were flying all we thought about was protecting each other and making sure that the fighting never reached our back yards.

I appreciate your thanks.

Mike Mullins
US Army
Former Marine

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A Marine!

by greg_ross_sr In reply to You're Welcome

My brother was a marine back in the late 70s.
I've heard a lot of crazy things about you guys. I wouldn't want to tick any of you off and run into you in a dark alley, thats for sure!

Thanks for protecting our freedom. Brave people like you are what this country was built upon.

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Remember the families

by wordworker In reply to Happy Veteran's / Remembr ...

Thanks for posting this Tom. I attended a memorial service today that was quite moving because the focus was on what we as a community can do to help the families of soldiers who have been lost or who still are in harm's way.

One way I'm going to try to combat my daily feelings of dread about the war (bad pun but it stays) is volunteering for the local support group for military families.

Many brides of soldiers need help with basics around the house like mowing the yard, painting, removing leaves or snow. Why? They're caring for three, four, or more kids alone, usually on a reduced household income.

They also need volunteers who can babysit for military families, so moms or dads can have a planned night out. Or donate cash to the emergency fund or cans of food or household cleaning agents to the "store" provided by the agency. They'll make sure it it goes to help people whose sacrifice is living without a loved one on a short-term or permanent basis.

I'll come back and post the URL for the group whose representative spoke at the memorial today, in case anybody is interested in learning more.

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Could you do me a favor....

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Remember the families

And let me know what you find out....I would be interested in knowing how I can help these has been something I have thought about before....

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Two Minutes of Silence

by mlandis In reply to Happy Veteran's / Remembr ...


Oz Media had started a discussion along the same vein.

But here's a link that gives some additional info as well:


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Actually Tom it is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Happy Veteran's / Remembr ...

Remembrance Day in AU as well. There are two major things that we hold dear to our hearts over here at 11.00 AM on the 11-11 one minutes silence for the fallen in al the wars that we have participated in.

And funnily enough the "Death of Democracy" in Australia as it was on that day in 1974 that the them Opposition Leader conspired with the Governor General in an act of Treason to over throw a lawfully elected Government in a grubby grab for power.

So on the 30 TH anniversary of this day I find it hard to reconcile the price paid by my fellow country men and women for the supposed freedoms that we are supposed to enjoy and then the hypocritical way that the lowest of the low a Politician made a dirty grubby grab for power. It totally dishonors the people who fought and died to keep this country free. When that low life scum should have been remembering the fallen he was actually making his way to Government house to steal power. His actions on that day are a total disgrace to all of those who fought for this country ever.


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I didn't know it was in AU too, sorry..

by TomSal In reply to Actually Tom it is


Thanks for your post. One of the issues that I'm big on is remembering fallen military men and women who fought bravely for their country. So just as yesterday in my home I saluted the fallen US soldiers (and said thanks to friends I know in the military) I salute the men and women who spared their lives for their country in Canada, Australia and wherever they fight the "good" fight.

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Amen to your comments on Fraser and Kerr ...

by jardinier In reply to Actually Tom it is

I had forgotten the unfortunate coincidence of the date that this treachery occurred.

So for the benefit of our non-Australian friends, I will post two quotes from Gough Whitlam.

"Well may you say 'God Save the Queen' but NOTHING will save the Governor General."

These words were carefully chosen by Gough Whitlam because, at that time, the National Anthem of Australia was "God Save the Queen."

If my memory serves me, it was under Whitlam that the National Anthem was replaced by "Advance Australia Fair."

And once again to quote The Great Man (as Labor supporters refer to him): "Maintain the rage."

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