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Has anyone used a product called "Dave"

By MC_User ·
I have a single iMac running OS9 that I want to connect to my company's PC network. The mac is used for testing look and feel of web sites we have under development.

We run a Novel 5.1 network with TCP/IP.

All I really want to do, is to be able to send jobs to the print queues and do some simple file sharing.

Implementing Mac support on the server side is not going to happen. Not just for one Mac.

It was recommeded that I look into a the following Mac products:

DAVE by Thursby Software
Mocha SMB by Mochasoft
Doubletalk by Connectix

Does anyone have any experience with these products?

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by MSM In reply to Has anyone used a product ...

We had a Mac artist sucessfully use DAVE back in 1999 for connecting to a makeshift PC network that was tied together with a *snicker* WebRamp... I was able to map his hard drive to my machine and pull site mockups off of it without a problem. I don't know how hard/easy it was on the Mac side to use but for my part (mapping the drive), it was a breeze!

-- .\\

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Dave!!! Excellent

by mchollow In reply to Has anyone used a product ...

I used Dave from 1998 to 2000 to connect Power Mac's to our corporate network. A new COO was brought into the corporate office and he was a Mac user. The product worked great. He also had Mac's in two locations around the country and I was able to use the product over ISDN WAN into the corporate network just fine.

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