Has Linux gotten more user friendly?

By sir.ptl ·
A few years ago I wanted to try Linux on my computer, but found it very difficult to find out how to use it. I'm not a young techie guy so I was trying to find articles and/or forums that explained how to perform various functions, but was generally met with either no response or a rude response. The net result was total frustration and disappointment and as a result I removed it from my machine. I'll probably try it again sometime when I find that the attitude of the Linux community has improved. And, I might add, I'm not alone in this type of experience.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Has Linux gotten more use ...

Sorry that you feel that most of the Linux community has an attitude problem. I'm not going to lie, some (not all) Linux users do have issues... But feel free to post up questions about Linux on TR, there are decent amount of Linux users (including myself) here that would be more than willing to help you out without an attitude...

LOL, just don't ask how to break a password... the responses usually aren't pretty.

**added** Yes Linux has come along way in the past couple years. WINE (win emulator), Graphic Drivers, WIFI access.. Has made leaps and bounds, over the past few years. If your interested a very user friendly version I always recommend is Ubuntu 9.04... Or if you want to find out the "top 100" distros, check out Its a great website!

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Linux is friendlier, but it's not Windows

by dpalsen In reply to Well....

Linux has come a long way in the past few years. As in the case of the original asker, I tried Linux a few years ago, got frustrated, and dropped it. I'm now back to Ubuntu as a secondary machine, and am liking it much more. The downside is that it's STILL not Windows, and never will be. The's not Windows, and that's a good thing in some ways. If you're lookig for a fast and easy shift, Mandriva is a good way to go. If you want a well-supported version, go with Ubuntu. If you want a TON of software that you can go to the local store and buy, and that just works, stick with good old Windows. It's basically all your own choice.

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Ubuntu 9.04

by dschlesak In reply to Well....

I am also one of those who tried Mandrake a few years ago and gave up. Back in 1985 when I was working in IT support at Nielsen, the IT mgr tried to get me to switch to Linux but he warned me that it would take at least six months to learn all the commands and be comfortable. However he also said that it would be worth it since it is a lot more versatile and open source to where you can modify it to your liking. Since it is sooooo versatile it is also complex at the command level. If you can go in 100 different directions choosing the right direction can be confusing.

Now I have finally installed a dual boot system with Ubuntu 9.04 and find Ubuntu to be really friendly and much like Windows. There are a lot of programs available and you can do almost anything in Ubuntu that you can do in Windows. However there is a learning curve still. Things are a little different in Ubuntu applications. But, Windows is changing too. I just read an article here that you will Find Windows 7 quite a bit different than Win XP to the point where you may want to have a dual boot of the two windows versions.

I recently got introduced to Office 2007 and was lost for a while trying to do some things in Word (which is quite different that the previous Word). In old word I could do things quickly but in 2007, I had to hunt for the simple things like changing a font.

Now would be a good time to decide if you wish to switch to Ubuntu. You will have to relearn some things if you stay with Windows and you will have to learn some things if you change to Ubuntu. Or, you may wish to do what I did and run both. Remember, there is a reason why most web servers run on Red Hat Linux. I have found Ubuntu to be my system for anything I do on the internet.

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Has Linux gotten more user friendly?

by sir.ptl In reply to Ubuntu 9.04

Thanks guy for the feedback. I may give Ubuntu a try on a dual boot configuration, I've heard a lot about it. Can you recommend a good reference 'how to'source where I can find operating data on Ubuntu?

As for Office 2007, try UBitMenu For Office 2007/

It's a freeware ap and once installed all you need do is click on the 'Menu' button in the Office 2007 ribbon.

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Best resource is the web

by dpalsen In reply to Has Linux gotten more use ...

Ubuntu is sufficiently simple to use out of the gate, but i you want to get into anything too advanced, just google it for some really good resources.

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Has Linux gotten more user friendly?

by sir.ptl In reply to Best resource is the web
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by ---TK--- In reply to Has Linux gotten more use ...

I just came across a great site you might like :) its .

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In 1985 he may have introduced you to Unix

by SKDTech In reply to Ubuntu 9.04

But Linux wasn't even a sparkle in Linus Torvalds eye yet.

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I love ubuntu

by kentontator In reply to Has Linux gotten more use ...

my laptop had XP on it, the laptop is generally week with about 256 megs of ram, 2ghz processor....XP would always freeze took ages to load anything, 30 minute boot times. Decided to try ubuntu on it and everything is flawless. I had an easier time finding drivers for Ubuntu than I did for windows primarily because Ubuntu found them all for me!

I don't mean to hijack but a question of my own, I am looking at making the jump to Ubuntu on my desktop, the only reason I have not done so this far is because I play world of warcraft and Counter Strike, does anyone have experiance on how these games are with ubuntu? I know its possible with WINE but what kind of FPS should I expect? I currently get about 60-70 fps in wow

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by ---TK--- In reply to I love ubuntu

I have done it in ubuntu 8.10, although I dont remember what kind of FPS I was getting, It was about a year ago. I never tried counter strike, but I do know I was able to get COD 4 running.... not very well b/c the graphics card wasn't that good... but it did run.

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