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Has Society embraced

By Jaqui ·
the automatic features enabled by technology to much?

with direct deposit, automatic bill payments etc is it conceivable that society has gone to far in search of convenience?
have we become so used to it that we have lost the "human" touch?

I ask this because I was just reminded about:

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by stargazerr In reply to Has Society embraced

Is that link not supposed to work??


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by rob mekel In reply to erm

think not but don't know.
Fact is it doesn't work @ this moment:
GMT+1 : time = 14:27


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by Jaqui In reply to Has Society embraced
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and this being

by rob mekel In reply to Has Society embraced

in aug/sept 2004.
Who else is missing? ]:)

I think we have not lost "human" touch.
As automatic features do enable much technology it is still the user (the human being) who determents what to use.
Let alone think about the possibility that it gives to elder to contact their (grand) children thousands of kilometers away. And see and speak to them by internet chats+cams. Or play games or...
Those features are to be measured as well as the ones that are (or can work out) more negative like in the Winnipeg case.


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but that is the point..

by Jaqui In reply to and this being

if we just blindly adopt every new tech as it comes along, how long until this type of thing becomes commonplace? [ like homeless people freezing to death in the winter is ]

Shouldn't WE, the "Tech" people have he duty to make sure that new tech isn't pushed without having some sort of check in place to stop people from becoming that isolated?
I know that Asimov explored this to the extreme in one of his robots novels, where a society was so isolated that people would suicide rather than be in the same room with another person. I thinkit was Robots of Dawn, I know it was part of the series that I Robot was part of.

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We as tech have a responsibility

by stargazerr In reply to but that is the point..

to come out with new ways to make people's lives easier ... But it is really up to the people themselves to decide what to use and what not to ... so that they are able to make the best out of the range of technology that is offered.

How about a statuatory warning??


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The element of choice is still the key

by Tink! In reply to We as tech have a respons ...

I agree with a combination of the above posts. We techs have taken on the responsibility of making lives easier, making things work more efficiently. But the users must realize themselves that if they adopt all tech, than they will lose out on the human factor. It is up to them to decide whether they want that or not.

As for myself, part of my extended family, like many that are out of state, keep in touch via IM and digital photos. I say this is a great improvement because I'm terrible at sending letters. (sending, not writing. One year I found Xmas cards to be sent 3 months after Christmas!)

And my personal preference is to pay bills online, but not direct deposit or automatically. I like to decide when each bill gets paid.

So the amount of human interaction, as well as how much you'd be missed if you were gone, depends on the end-user. If you're a recluse, than you're going to be unnoticed, even in a primitive society.

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Stargazerr, excellent

by Old Guy In reply to We as tech have a respons ...


By statuatory warning do you mean like the warning that comes on some hair dryers: Don't use in the shower?

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Lets see ....

by stargazerr In reply to Stargazerr, excellent

<picks up flower and plucks off petals> Sarcastic ... not sarcastic ... sarcastic ... not sarcastic ..

Hair Dryers?? Statuatory warning?? You do mean ... Common Sense?? :^O


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by Old Guy In reply to Lets see ....

I would never be sarcastic to you especially with compliments! I meant I really liked the way you said that.

Yes, I was talking about Common Sense

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