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By Oz_Media ·
Well it seems some people have been booted from TR and hae returned with really stupid headame attempts.

This is a fun forum sometimes and a technical forum other times. The topics will vary and so do the opinions.

This week, we've had some 'new' friends turn up.

Couldnt_give_a_rats_***: Who is probably needs_a_life AND Asleep_at_the_wheel

Then Rat's *** changed his alias to NERK, now NERK has becom AusMedia (Australian, although apparently some fool from Scotland)and finally a 'new' OzMedia from nowhere.

Now I see a couple of resolutions to this. IP trace, ignore or both. (of course in addition to notifying TR that their discussions and alias's are being abused.)

Any other ideas?

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You need a spelling lession

by Asleep_at_the_Wheel In reply to Head Games

You of all people complain about forum abuse?

can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E ?

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Spelling Bee...

by SoldierJedi In reply to You need a spelling lessi ...

H Y P O C R I T E ?

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Thank you

by Oz_Media In reply to Spelling Bee...

now put it into a sentence.

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You need a spelling lesson

by Asleep_at_the_Wheel In reply to Head Games

You of all people complain about forum abuse?

Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E ?

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You need a brain

by Oz_Media In reply to You need a spelling lesso ...

I know you THINK you are being clever but I don't think you want me to prove you're not.

Without implying YOUR at fault, if you were the person who has now adopted the OzMedia alias and used it imorally on this forum, there would be legal repercussions. I have already consulted my legal advisor as well as spoken with my brothers law firm. TR will be getting a court order to release informaton regarding your aliases and if you are the offender you will be found.

Not a threat and about all I am allowed to say on the matter, just food for thought before you decide to play games.

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food for thought

by OzMedia In reply to You need a brain

I'm not very hungry

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you are defaming my character

by Asleep_at_the_Wheel In reply to Head Games

will you please stop it.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to you are defaming my chara ...

Such character as you display in the posts can hardly be defamed any further!

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you forgot some

by OzMedia In reply to Head Games

don't forget fasthands and AusMentalCase in this round of head games

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Head Games

Now hang on a jolly old minute!!! I know, and so do the rest of us old regulars, that OzMedia and OzMentalCase are one and the same. You'd have to be bloody daft not to twig that!

I will qualify that last statement (because I'm bloody daft!). When your monicker changed, I just sat 'on the side' and waited to see if it was really you. From the manner of the postings, I was pretty sure it was. I figured, well...what gives??

I had a couple of thoughts. Hmmm....Oz has had to reformat and re-install and he's lost his saved password, can't remember his login and has changed his name for that reason. Then I thought better of that...nah...TR can email you a password reminder.

Then I thought....Ah! What if he no longer has the mail account he first used to sign up mail, no joy. New name and same old Oz....that was it! Old account in limbo, but the same wacky old Oz we all know and love.

And then, lo and behold, I see OzMedia in the forums today AND OzMentalCase. So I figured the name change was for another (private) reason and it was none of my business why, but suffice it to say that two aliases need two email accounts. You cannot change an alias, post, and then change it back to something else. If you change an alias, all posts change to reflect the alias change. So, it's just NOT possible for one person to post in two aliases with the same account.

As an experiment, I then got a work colleague to log on from the desk next to me and 'change' his alias. He only uses TR once in a blue moon and has only ever posted a couple of times so it didn't make any difference to him. He posted under his new alias, and lo and behold, his posts from July last year also showed the alias change.

So....that led me to two conclusions. EITHER....Oz has two accounts, OR....and this is the scary bit.....if you change an alias, some other bugger can jump in and grab your old one and impersonate you in forums.....NOT GOOD!!!

Give AOL it's due (and I don't very often)....if you delete a screen name from an AOL account, it's not available to any user for 12 months so they say. For up to six months, the name can be retrieved by the original owner. I have actually deleted an AOL screen name and recovered it three years later.

Anyway, back to topic. I spot that this 'new Oz Media' actually has a space between the Oz and the Media, so it CAN'T be you.

AusMentalCase..... :-) I know exactly who he is and he is in no way, shape or form associated in ANY way with Nerk, Asleep or me on that one. I also have a feeling he would take up the fight under YOUR banner!

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