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By Oz_Media ·
There are NINE posts in a row from someone offering crackpal password cracking services for $50.00!

Sounds like some editing needs to take place.

"Find Yahoo,Hotmail,AOL,Sify,Rediff & other passwords @50$

Plus a full explanation of services that allow you to crack everyone's passwords.

Now anyone here should already know these tools/methods (not from crackpal though) but it just doesn't look too good on TR does it?

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Contact TR Directly

by TheChas In reply to HEADS UP TR EDITORS!!!!!


There were similar postings last weekend.

I used the Contact TR link from the Discussion Center help page to directly inform TR of the problem.

The previous set of postings were pulled Monday morning.

Since you are much better at it than I am, why don't you flame the postings?

Just an idea.


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I'll Help

by HereInOz In reply to HEADS UP TR EDITORS!!!!!

I will help flame them if you want, Oz!! Tend to agree though, it is a tiny bit inappropriate.



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I agree.

by Aldanatech In reply to HEADS UP TR EDITORS!!!!!

I agree. This is a place for open discussion. Something like this in TR is unacceptable.

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We're on it

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to HEADS UP TR EDITORS!!!!!

I've alerted customer service. The threads should be pulled and the offending account will in all likelihood be blocked some time today.

Thanks for the heads up,

--Jay, AKA The Trivia Geek

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Thank you

by TheChas In reply to We're on it

Thank you for pulling the commercial postings.

I don't know what that individual's problem is.

Have a great weekend.


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We're working on it.

by mysuitelife2 In reply to HEADS UP TR EDITORS!!!!!

Thank you all for your continued interest in TechRepublic's best interest.

TR is working on addressing this in a legal way. We've already removed 18 of these posts, warned the user to stop, and removed his previous account. All which have not detered them. We'll remove these as soon as legal has what they need to move forward. The posts are currently evidence in the case. Thank you for your patience.

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