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Hear about how controlled tomorrow's debate will be? LOL

By TomSal ·
I don't even know why I feel the need to post this, I just struck me as a little amusing when I heard some of the rules being imposed on the first Presidential debate for Thursday night....

* Candidates can't bring their own paper or pen to the podium, must be given to the debate sponsor and "approved", they will place the paper and pen on the podium for each candidate.

* Candidates can not directly suggest to each other what policy changes they will do or enact. (Example: Candidate1 "So <candidate2>, how will you deal with the unemployment rate?")

* Candidates can not move beyond 3 feet in any direction from their podium.

* The camera crew can not show the face of one candidate while the other candidate is responding to a question.

* The camera crew can not focus on the audience at the debate while a candidate is responding to a question, or immediately following a response.


crazy stuff... there were more guidelines I just forgot them or didn't pay attention after awhile.

My source is our local radio show out of philadelphia, WPHT 1210 am.

Anyone gonna watch the debates?

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Yes, I will watch.

by tbragsda In reply to Hear about how controlled ...

But, I think they should add to the schema. Since this is in no way a debate, they should have 1/2 the scheduled time each to talk without questions, like a long commercial. Or they could read the predefined questions themselfs, and answer at their leasure. Or, how about they get the answers typed up, and just scroll them at the bottom of the screen, while they take nasty potshots at eachother.

I doubt the debates will move many people. I would guess if Kerry perspires, hes lost. If Bush manages to not drool, hes the winner.

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So it souds like Kerry will win then?

by Oz_Media In reply to Yes, I will watch.

"If Bush manages to not drool, hes the winner."

The knuckle dragging peace monkey, pro-life and pro-war at the same time. He is speaking out of so many orifices at the same time, I am sure one will begin to leak.

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Grim vision. But it would turn the debate.

by tbragsda In reply to So it souds like Kerry wi ...

Look for the "Bush dear in headlight" moment too. The pundits will call it "thoughtful", but for those that see him speak rarely (most of the US) may see through those glassies to the empty space inside.

I normally do a remote scorecard with my sister in NY. We should start a thread to design the scorecard.

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I think he's been tutored on the deep thought

by Oz_Media In reply to Grim vision. But it woul ...

There are several traits investigators look for during questioning.
For example:
If the eyes move upward and to the right when questioned, the person is a liar.

If the eyes move downwad and to the left, the persons response is deemed valid. These are just a couple of body language traits that give people away, others are hand motions, shoulder motions, feet etc.

The first thing I noticed about Bush, before even knowing anything other than he was president, was that his speeches and claims faild in all aspects of body language and telling the truth.

He has improved this over time, holding tightly onto the podium so as not to show negative hand motions, LOOOOONG stares and pauses to add credibility through SIMULATED thought (he knows what he is going to say or else he wouldn't respond at all).

I think his 'coaches' have taught him the contemplative stare technique in order to keep him from giving his uncertanties away. It allows him to recompose, run down his mental checklist and pose himelf to answer the question.

Or if you watch Friends, it's like Joey's "Sniff the fart" acting tips. 'When you forget a line, sniff the fart until you remember it.'

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Body language

by tbragsda In reply to I think he's been tutored ...

My wife is always talking about his body language. Woman seem much more in tune with these sort of things. When she points it out I can see it.

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What are you getting at?!?

by Oz_Media In reply to Body language

Someone else said I need hormone treatment today already!

There are VERY common traits in liars and deceivers, they are documentedad followed by police, FBI, CIA etc. a HUGE hobby of mine is studyig phorensic psychology and the criminal mind set, it began when I was learnig psyche as a security foreman.

Pretty interesting stuff really, except I can't watch CSI anymroe, while it does offer some interesting stuff, for the most part the 'science' is ruined by the condensed haphazard way in which it is fit into an hour show.

As for GWB;
These are proven human traits, maybe Bush was unaware of them and they needed to be pointed out. oooops.

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My perfect advice so people can't tell you are lying..

by TomSal In reply to What are you getting at?! ...

..And I think Bush should follow it.....


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He does

by Oz_Media In reply to What are you getting at?! ...


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I was wrong

by tbragsda In reply to Yes, I will watch.

Very wrong. Great debate. Much better than... I'm just soooo happy right now... Sorry, the play-by-play stoped. I'm involved in a thread on DU thats takeiing too much time, and typeing too much.

"Bush, have your ***"

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ABC NEWS Posts Associated Press Report on Conclusion of First Presidential

by tbragsda In reply to Hear about how controlled ...

Anyone watch TDS?

Look at the link.

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