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Heavily Regulated Industry

By Neeva ·
In my opinion this is not a topic that has a simple solution. Different environments have different variables to contend with. In our situation, Healthcare, we are under a great deal of outside regulation with significant monetary and civil penalties including possible jail time. I imagine a few of you have similar concerns.

While I like to consider myself someone that truly tries to understand the user's needs and provide them with the best technology solution available and affordable I often find myself at odds with these regulatory agencies. A patient's data is absolutely sacrosanct. This is not just an opinion of the organization but a directive handed down from the government. So, therefore, I am required to take every reasonable measure to ensure it's protection. The difficulty is less what technology to throw at the problem of protecting it but how to determine how a potential government auditor might define "reasonable". The regulations are not always very clear and the organization is left to determine what it thinks is best. This tends to create a situation where we feel compelled to lock everything up very tightly.

Personally, I try to explore new technologies and discuss them with users. I make an effort to stay "connected" with our users and see if things we deployed are actually working. I also seek their input into what new technologies to consider deploying in the future. Unfortunately, all too often, I find that even though I agree some new technology is really something that would streamline a particular process I cannot implement it because it comes to close to not meeting the regulations of some outside agency.

I'm not sure how to solve this situation of "shadow IT" but I do know that there is more involved then some draconian IT department and it's policies.

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Wrong location. Sorry.

by Neeva In reply to Heavily Regulated Industr ...

This was intended to be a comment to the blog post: Fear and loathing in shadow IT.

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Just copy & paste it in the article thread.

by seanferd In reply to Wrong location. Sorry.

You can even edit your post in this thread if you want, although you can't make it disappear entirely.

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RE: Just copy and paste

by Neeva In reply to Just copy & paste it in t ...

Thank you.

I did try and it said I was posting a duplicate article. :)

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Edit, Copy & Paste

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I tried the edit, copy and paste idea and it seems to have worked. Thanks.

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