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Hello from Iraq

By ProtiusX ·
Well hello everyone. I am officially in Iraq. I got into town yesterday and I have got to say that it seems that the Iraqi people really have a since of nationality and are trying to get their new country onto it?s own legs. I will keep everyone updated on what the latest happenings are but until then As Alam Allacom.

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It would be nice...

by house In reply to Hello from Iraq

To get some unbias media. Thanks fo your communication with TR... Mr. Miami is there somewhere, but hasn't told us anything. Thanks and keep in good spirits.

Oh yeah... stay safe too. :)

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Have a nice time

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Hello from Iraq

Remember not to use your left hand.

Thought of setting up a Blog, would be interesting.


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pics and blogs

by jdclyde In reply to Hello from Iraq

Keep your head down.

Would love to hear first hand from someone without an agenda what it is like over there.

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Hello Back!

by Jellimonsta In reply to Hello from Iraq

Hello back Protius. Keep safe!! :)

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by TomSal In reply to Hello from Iraq

Stay safe. I agree with the others it would be very nice to hear unbiased reports from a regular hard-working guy like the rest of us.

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Is that...

by Jellimonsta In reply to Cool

Hard-working or 'hardly working'? :)

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by Oz_Media In reply to Is that...

We ARE talking about a TR regular here.

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Right back at ya!

by Jessie In reply to Hello from Iraq

Keep your head down, stay safe. Come on in and argue with us on occassion :)

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by faith_michele In reply to Hello from Iraq

Please do keep us updated. Knock on wood a lot and have someone watch your back at all times.

May this time go fast for you.


Read Psalm 139:5, if you want.

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Not out loud though

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Hello

A suitable passage from the Q'aran might go down better.
Don't ask me for a chapter reference though.

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