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Help Advertising our site

By movers_la ·
We looking for original and free way to advertise our web site
Please respond only if you have original and free way to do that and provide link to it to.
Thanks for your time.

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by TheChas In reply to Help Advertising our site ...

Sorry buddy,

This forum is for the exchange of ideas within the IT community.

Please stop using this site for your blatant attempts at free marketing.


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please fill their e-mail

by jdclyde In reply to Help Advertising our site ...

Please fill their e-mail

Please fill their e-mail with requests to desist this unethical behaviour and let them know that SPAMMING of a discussion board is loathed by the average tech.

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Just to be sure....

by Choppit In reply to please fill their e-mail

This is the email address linked to their PayPal account.

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I hate to contribute to spam...

by tbragsda In reply to Help Advertising our site ...

But they asked for free advertising. To me, I think they could be asking for US to provide them with a box full of free advertising. Who am I to say what a bunch of truckers want?

I think Viagra, Teen (Fill in the blank) and some mortgage offers to start.

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Followed by

by dafe2 In reply to I hate to contribute to s ...

P.enis enlargements, insurance & legal services

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First Place Software, but you will need to build a better site first

by Oz_Media In reply to Help Advertising our site ...

Then use Web Position Gold to see where each page will be ranked with each search engine. THey all use different algorythms and require different page tweaks and keyword placement in order to be indexed in the top ten for each site.

I have taken several sites and had the web activity multply by well over 1000X with them. There's no quick and easy solution that will beat actual work.

You can take a site with 500 random hit and turn it into a targeted (regional in your case)50,000 hits per month. I also created a different set of pages for each search engine submmission and tracking, eventually most relevant keywords would turn up the company site in the top 1-5 in MOST engines.

Write a better site copy first, it doesn't position your site well at all as is. NO amount of advertising will get it seen when most people just browse.

Look at your competitors and analyze their pages against yours, see who is in the top ten and target THEM. Again, Web Position Gold makes it pretty easy, and it's not very expensive at all.

It wil take some time to wade through th eHEAPS and HEAPS of positioning documentation provided but take the time and it WILL succeed, you will soon pass all those MAJOR competitors that have top positions.

For example: I managed to get one site, that sells a manufacturer's product, to actually rank higher in the returned searches than the manufacturers site itself. THis was also when searching for the product by name, even WHEN the manufacturer's URL was the name of the product!

Many people think it is all in the Meta keywording and tagging that counts but actually that is what causes site positions to be lost in most cases. Search engines actually disqualify site position based on incorrectly weighted META tags.

This will trump ANY service for online advertising a truckload!

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by jardinier In reply to Help Advertising our site ...

I use this company which gives you heaps of advice on how to get your website listed near the top, and checks your website frequently to ensure that it is correctly listed with all the major search engines.

They offer most of their services free for a one month trial.

Having caught my attention (they found my website in the first place), after the one month free trial, they offered such a massive discount that I happily paid for 12 months for most of the services.

Absolutely nothing to lose, and maybe just the service you require.

HOWEVER if you are only interested in FREE advertising, you are seriously abusing the purpose of TechRepublic by posting your enquiry here.

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Already abused us

by jdclyde In reply to

They had posted this crap six times yesterday before I did my reply to fill their e-mail with spam.

They aren't asking for advice from us on how to fix their site, they are SPAMMING US in the discussion board.

One note would have been no big deal, but by the third time I was anoyed and now it is down right offensive that they think techs who battle SPAM daily would want it or be influinced by it here.

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I have a 12 port IVR that can Bot call.

by tbragsda In reply to It's not just us

I really don't like the petty "Attack them back" attitude, but I certainly dislike this form of spam. Its not terribly disruptive, its more so that we have taken the time to post to this thread, but it has a different feel to it than email spam, or sale fliers in your mailbox. Its more like your having a conversation with a coworker, and some pitch man comes and stands between the two of you. We have had some fun pokeing around there website, and thats worth something. The problem comes when every part of our lifes are penetrated with direct marketing. Like the movies? when was the last time you saw a "block buster" that didn't try to sell you some crap.

I kid about setting my bot to call, but if the day comes that people (marketing dept) push too hard, they will really see a backlash. I have a standing rant about the advertising world. Scroll up a bit on this page and what do you see?

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