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HELP-Can't stop getting emails from TechRepublic

By manastos ·
I am really getting pissed off. I have finally been able to find how to contact them. I keep getting their stupid newsletter because I bought one thing from them months ago and now they won't leave me be. I have tried many many times clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter and unsubsribing but I keep getting these annoying emails from them. Ohhhh but I placed another order I would hear from them real fast.

I have really had it with them. Because of this I will purposely not buy anythning from them ever again.

THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW because none of the methods of unsubsribing work at all.

I also just noticed that they posted my last name on the site too. WHAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO DO THIS. I am really pissed now.

Any ideas


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log into your account

by Absolutely In reply to HELP-Can't stop getting e ...

uncheck all the newsletters. I have never had difficulty tailoring my subscriptions to TechRepublic newsletters, although the tracking cookies from are very tacky!

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Abs, you are right

by DMambo In reply to log into your account

I'm always a little disappointed to see the footer "Transferring data from [insert 3rd party here]" when logging into TR. Well, I guess everyone needs to make a buck.

Don't you think the gov't should step in and regulate TR for us? (Just a joke!)

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CS has removed you from the mailing list

by mysuitelife2 In reply to HELP-Can't stop getting e ...

We're sorry you have had such a bad experience with receiving the promotional emails. Your email address has been removed from the previous buyer mailing list as of today, 8/9.

We are not sure what you are referring to concerning your name being posted to the site. You have your forum alias set to your email address, for which only the alias portion is showing on-line. You have control to change your alias by going to the Manage my account link, found in the upper right corner of the Web site.

If you have any further questions or issues, please try the FAQ knowledge-base via the Help link at the bottom of the Web page.

TechRepublic Customer Support

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You tell him! RTFM!!

by neilb@uk In reply to CS has removed you from t ...

A small flame on your behalf TR because you have to be nicer than me...

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Yup, someone did not RTFFAQ...GARRGGG

by jmgarvin In reply to You tell him! RTFM!!

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