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Help crown TR's Geek King and Queen

By Beth Blakely ·


So, it's no newsflash that IT pros are often labeled geeks. Some wear
the label proudly while others rebel. Whether you're a
pocket-protecting, socially challenged nerd or a perfectly "normal"
(whatever that is) person who enjoys some activities others may find
"geeky," you can find friends at TechRepublic.

Our blogs provide you with the perfect place to talk about your unusual
hobbies, whether you're like JCK and like to make and drink your own
beer; or like THE TRIVIA GEEK, who is very into comic books; or even
like GADGETGIRL whose passion is boats.

* Beer tag search results

* Comic Books tag search results

* Boats tag search results

What level of geek are you? If you're not sure, just check out the Geek
Hierarchy Chart.**4&messageID=1773352&id=1438946

In any event, there's no shortage of geeks or geeky behavior at
TechRepublic. We celebrate you. We bow to you, oh geek royalty. With
that in mind, I thought it would be fun to have an impromptu crowning
of the King and Queen Geek at TechRepublic. The only prize will be the
glory and (limited) fame.

Be sure to nominate and support your candidates for King and Queen Geek
in this discussion. The only rules are that the nominee has to be a
TechRepublic member, and you have to support your nomination with
evidence of supreme "geekhood" from the members' discussion or blog

I'll be the judge and crown the winners in next week's Blog Update
newsletter. Until then, have fun!

Miss an issue? You can view the Blog Roundup archive here.

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HUTCHTECH wrote, "No other change I've been able to make to my system
has made such a singular difference." Find out what fabulous change he
made in his latest post.

"It is, quite bluntly, not possible to create a risk-free world," wrote
O/SIRIS, THE CELL PHONE GEEK. He's frustrated by people who continue to
believe that cell towers can cause cancer. Read his point of view in
his latest post, "There Will *Never* Be Enough, Will There?"

LEOOFMARS uses the term "Secret Requirements" to describe those things
that users just won't tell you. Find out what's got him riled up.

TR Contributor ROB BOGUE explains how "shelfware is like cholesterol,"
in his post "When you do and don't want Shelfware."

JMGARVIN offers a tutorial on the "Linux Directory Structure."**7&messageID=1845635&id=4093177

Not to be outdone, APOTHEON, added "Daily Linux Lessons: alias," to
explain how to create a shortcut for long command lines.

TR staffer JOHN SHEESLEY wrote about his experimentation with SuSe
Professional 9.3.

TR contributor RAMON PADILLA JR. opens a can of worms with his post,
"E-mail and Web Use Monitoring: Good or Bad?"**1&id=2235984

Find out why TR staffer REX BALDAZO believes that "Microsoft needs to
hire smarter recruiters."

Did you know that Amazon is in the coin collecting business? THE TRIVIA
GEEK informs us that "Amazon now accepts loose change."



* THE MUSE OPINES, a blog by FRANK.CARLSON whose maiden post asks,
"What flavor of Vista...?"

* PUNEJAVA BLOG, by SATISH.TALIM, is all about Java. (Surprise!)



HUTCHTECH admits that he's "ever greedy for more speed."

When he writes about "ways to easily and freely release those precious
bits of RAM, CPU cycles, and hard drive space," he uses the speed tag.
If you want others to be able to easily find your tips and tricks that
satisfy your need for speed, you should too!



TR staffer SONJA THOMPSON posted about, "Getting caught with your hand
in the cookie jar."

Do you know how many cases of dynamite it takes to explode a 45-foot,
8-ton sperm whale? Find out from DNEMEC's blog.

THE JUGGLER offers some of the funniest things he heard when he was
doing phone tech support.

What's on ENREVANCHE'S "amended packing list?" Here's a hint: It

What subset of the IT community could THE TRIVIA GEEK be referring to
in his post, "The Ego Coven...?"



We need Geek Royalty! (I've just decided this.) Nominate your
candidates for King and Queen Geek in this discussion. The nominees
must be TR members and have demonstrated supreme geeky-ness in
discussions or blog posts. I'll be the judge and crown the winners in
next week's Blog Update newsletter. Discuss!

If you've got suggestions or comments about the Blog Roundup, send me
an e-mail. If you're recommending a blog for the next newsletter,
please include a link to the member's blog and a sentence or two about
why you found it helpful. (Please use "Blog Roundup" as the subject.)

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My nominations

by jmgarvin In reply to Help crown TR's Geek King ...

King - Apotheon for his amazing Linux knowledge and dry sense of humor (humour for the brits out there)
Queen - gadgetgirl for her amazing total geekness. She is the most all over geek of TR.

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I am torn

by jdclyde In reply to My nominations

between Apotheon and BfilmFan for king.

As for the queen, can we make it a pillow fight to see who wins?

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by Jaqui In reply to I am torn

naked jello wrestling!!

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by M_a_r_k In reply to no.

bikini oil wrestling following the jello brawl!

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by jdclyde In reply to no.
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by M_a_r_k In reply to with

Pillows filled with whipped cream in preparation for the whipped cream wrestling which will commence immediately upon the crowning of the oil wrestling champion.

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And to clean them down after wards

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yes

A Wet Tee Shirt Competition Darwin Style?

Col ]:)

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BFilmFan and Jessie

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Help crown TR's Geek King ...

First, I'll throw BFilmFan into the ring. Besides his alias, which says a lot, he bears the mark of a fellow comic book fan. Doesn't get much geekier than that (trust me, I would know).

As for Jessie, she's been a little less active in recent months because she gave birth to her fifth child. How does that make her geeky? Well, that wee one's name is Delenn Rose (ring any bells, Babylon 5 fans?), a name she chose after consultation with TR's contingent of sci-fi fanatics (yes, I threw my two cents in).

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What a ringing endorsement

by BFilmFan In reply to BFilmFan and Jessie

Thank you sir. You are correct that I am indeed a comic collector.

In fact, I think that my interest in graphic novels will be something I will either work into an additional blog here or my Discordnat Reel Etchings blog on Blogspot, although it mostly deals with B movies and other assorted weird things that strike my fancy.

I assume that now would not be a good time to mention that I wrote a nasty little message concerning the delayed publication of the hard cover version of Rising Stars to Top Cow, Amazon, J. Michael Straczynski, Keu Cha, Brent Anderson? I've had this thing on order since May and everyoen claims it was published in June 2005, yet no one I know has EVER seen a copy.

Now all the uber femme fatalle geekettes clearly know I am a nerd.

If geeks were Jedis, Yoda would I be!

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I know exactly what you're talking about

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to What a ringing endorsemen ...

Several of my friends and I sent angry missives to Marvel when Mark Waid was prematurely removed from Fantastic Four in 2003. I have a number of JMS fans as friends and they all got livid about the Top Cow/Rising Stars fiasco. It's amazing how amped geeks can get without the muggles noticing. I guess that why they call them Secret Wars.

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