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    help desk tips please


    by jerryus ·

    Does anyone have tips on dealing with irate callers on a help desk. What is the best way do defuse these callers etc. how do you deal with a caller who is about to let rip because previous calls handled by other staff were not satisfactory handled?

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      DOs and DON’Ts (Well Some Of Them)

      by w-bryant ·

      In reply to help desk tips please

      Fist things first, Never, ever tell them to calm down it only wind them up.
      Try and get around this by getting as much information as possible, not easy when they throwing fits I know.
      Put your self in their shoes (if possible) and try to think how they are thinking.
      Avoiding say ‘Hold on one moment please’ as being put on ‘hold’ get on peoples nerves.

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