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Help!!! Help!!! I have a Stop Error

By chrissouthy ·
What happened: My pc running Windows 2000 Professional was in middle of rebooting due to Windows Update installation. My power went out and the pc shut down in mid reboot. Nothing bad happened from a power spike or anything just a power outage.

Problem: When I got power back to the computer and turned it on I get the Blue Screen of Death that says *** STOP: 0x0000007B - INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

Can I save this? I do not have a bootable disk for this pc but I did get to DOS prompt using an old McAfee Emergency Boot Disk but only allows me to stay on A and does not see C drive. The system sees the hardrive in BIOS mode but does not seem to be able to boot from it. I also created a bootable CD and changed the boot order to use CDrom but the pc is older and will not boot from CDrom. System is a Dell Dimension with Pentium III


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A few things

by gralfus In reply to Help!!! Help!!! I have ...

"Nothing bad happened..." Apparently something bad did happen, the hard drive isn't working. Power glitches do sad things to hard drives. You should invest in a battery back up power source with power conditioning to prevent spikes and sags.

If the BIOS has the option to boot from CD, but it isn't booting, I would make sure that the CD is actually bootable on another system. Also, try the CD without the hard drive connected, just to see if it is blocking the bootup process. (I saw that happen just a week ago with a dead drive.)

Does the drive spin up, or is it completely dead? Do you have another system where you can load the drive as a slave to see if the data is still there? If nothing else, a PC repair shop may be able to do this for you.

Regarding backup, I just had to load my drive from backup last night after being Trojanized. So once you get your system up and running the way you like it, with all the security patches and such, make an image of the drive and store it on CD or DVD so you can restore your system more quickly than doing it from scratch.

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I tried the first two suggestions

by chrissouthy In reply to A few things

Well, I don't have the option to boot from CD in BIOS but I changed the boot order to use CD. I also tried the CD while hard drive was disconnected with no luck - says incorrect media type check cable...
The hard drive is spinning and it's even initializing during boot-up but then kills over to the blue screen with my STOP ERROR of INNACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. I don't know what's reverting it to kill over at that point.
I don't have another pc to set it up as a slave as I'm using a laptop now so I'll have to figure something else out in the mean time if possible.

I truly appreciate your suggestions and if anyone has more PLEASE send them my way!

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another possibility:

by afram In reply to I tried the first two sug ...

Try downloading IBM's drive fitness test (google for the download). This will make a floppy disk you can boot to and scan the drive. Not sure if that will fix it. Perhaps you can use the laptop to make a boot disk. Can you boot to a DOS prompt (F8 while windows loads). Then you might be able to run a scan disk.

I had this happen to me the other day. A scandisk has repaired it every time I see that;

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re: not hard to fix

by afram In reply to Help!!! Help!!! I have ...

I've had that a few times and always fixed it the following way:

Take the drive out and put it as a slave drive in another windows 2000 computer. Then run a scandisk on it. That will repair the damaged spot. Put the drive back and you should be fine.

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what about XP

by chrissouthy In reply to re: not hard to fix

I only have access to systems running XP. Will it work if I set it up as a slave running XP and then running scan disk?

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XP slave trick

by afram In reply to what about XP

I imagine if you made the drive a slave to a windowsXP machine it should still fix the problem after running scandisk

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Update the BIOS

by jdmercha In reply to Help!!! Help!!! I have ...

Check out the Dell website. There may be an upgrade to the BIOS that will allow you to boot to a CD.

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It's fixed

by chrissouthy In reply to Help!!! Help!!! I have ...

I fixed it by using one of the suggestions above! Thanks for your help!
I set the drive up as a slave on another pc and ran chkdsk /f and repaired some things that way. It runs fine now.
Thanks for the help and all the suggestions!!!

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good question.

by juden28 In reply to Help!!! Help!!! I have ...

i already experience hat problem. that is not pointing that your power supply got low current anymore. it is a matter of processor. all you have to do is. tajke out your processor and short crkt all pin inside the processor. it means that you are restarting all the process of processor. and then it will not restart anymore. trust me on this. or email me at NETOPIA technician)computer eng'g graduate

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