Help looking for adsl router modem and a switch

By dojharris ·
Hi,,, Looking for adsl router modem and a switch to connect 4 computer, 2 laptops, Xbox360 and a playstation 3. Not sure which is the best way to do this but i want 4 computers and game consoles on a wired connection. Been looking at these router and this switch (below), is this the best way for me to get them all connected? as i know you can have a router with more ports to leave the switch out. I play games online, on a local network and share files from computer to computer. Thats why i want to keep the wired connection but want a wireless connection for the laptops. Looking for something that will be fast and be online 24/7 almost.
Running a mix of XP Pro and Vista
"Router" (details below)
"Router" "dont know why this one say router-switch is is it better"
Would like the router to have a built in hardware Firewall. Also if possible but not important somthing that supports more than 20 ports as my old router only supports 20 and i find that a pain.
4 computer, 2 laptops, Xbox360 and a playstation 3 will be online all the same time often
found another 3 but i think the Netgear one is a bit low on tranfer speed
I like Security, speed and reliability
Thanks for your time Doj

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General observations

by robo_dev In reply to Help looking for adsl rou ...

You're not going to find great differences in speed between these different devices, IF your network configuration is very simple (meaning that your security configuration does not involve VPNs, open ports for online gaming or hosting a web server, etc).

Same thing with Internet security, if you have a simple all-ports-closed home NAT router configuration, the cheap one is about 8/10ths as good as the more expensive unit.

However be warned that you get what you pay for with respect to reliability, stability, and customer support.

A low-cost device from Belkin or Dlink may work OK, but there are two caveats. First, these lower cost devices tend to not have much memory or processing power, therefore they will slow to a crawl if something more complex is configured. And if the device just randomly hangs up and needs a reboot, well that's what you get.

Secondly, I would not expect a low cost device to be particularly stable or compatible with everything, as these companies tend not to spend millions on QA and software development. So if you expect your ACME wireless router to work with your Brand-X wireless Card and support WPA wireless security, you may be out of luck.

And if you expect to get any technical support whatsoever on a cheap device, you are in for a shock.

Disclaimer: I do not work for netgear or sell them.

When you pay more for a device like the Netgear DGFV338, you are getting a device that has more processing power and memory (which it needs because it can serve as a VPN endpoint).

If these were cars, consider Netgear to be the Toyota, not quite the Cisco (lexus), but miles ahead of the D-link and Belkin (Hyundai and Kia)routers.

When something is categorized as 'business class' this usually results in more stability. For example, the Netgear can be configured to restart itself once nightly to flush it's cache buffers, etc. It has enough processing power to do real-time packet filtering inbound and outbound.

Business class devices typically have metal cases, better power supplies and longer warranties.

I actually have two Netgear FVS devices on my home network, so I admit that I am biased.

I've owned LOTS of the good old plastic cheap routers and have had my share of weird problems and failures with those.

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unsure about somethings

by dojharris In reply to General observations

Thanks for the reply robo_dev
Just a bit unsure about some things. Could you please help me out a bit more
Been at this all day and cant find the answers i want
The LAN ports(10/100/1000)do i need the Gigabit Ethernet - 1000 Mbps speed or is that just an internal factor. My main concern is my online game speed from PS3 XBOX360 and and a PC. I was thinking of keeping them on wired connection but been reading about Gigabit - 1000 Mbps and it may have caused me some confusion.
Found this router and was wondering should i get this and a modem for the 1000 Mbps
Or stick with the Netgear DGFV338

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