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Help me = internet connection question

By a48_48 ·
am thinking of moving my computer into my bedroom sometime soon (from the living room). Anyway I do not have a telephone point in my room here is the question I want your help with:

Having the modem (56K Dialup) connected with 2 extension cables to the telephone point in the living room, what are the pro and cons of having a connection like this and what speed will I get? Please help me. Reply soon.

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by afram In reply to Help me = internet connec ...

I don't think you'll see a noticeable difference in speed for the extra cable.

It becomes a tripping hazard. And if you have any pets, be careful they don't chew through it. Also might be a problem if you step on or kick the cable - you can break the cable or pull it out of the jack.

Try to get one continuous cable and run it under the carpet along the walls. Make sure there is plenty of slack on both ends.

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One issue

by Jessie In reply to phone

The only real issue you'll have with that is with noise on the line. Every adapter on the line has the potential for introducing line noise, plus a longer line is more susceptible to noise from fluoroscent lights, microwaves, fans, anything that produces an electrical or magnetic field. The wires INSIDE the walls tend to be a bit better shielded from this kind of noise. This can lead to slower speeds, and disconnects.

With most phone companies, for about $35 US, you can have them come out and install another jack in your bedroom.

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