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Help needed - Life saving help

By 24Coder ·
Hi all. I'm in kenya and there is a serious drought going on here. I'd like to ask if techrepublic members can create a - save a life fund - via any charity of their choice.

Life is not only about IT, sometimes its about simple things such as food, water, etc.

Btw, thanks a lot for the hot discussions, wisedom comes from knowledge.

Let me know your ideas/suggestions/comments.
James - Senior Programmer, Homegrown (Kenya)

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Africa's dysfunctional governments

by DC Guy In reply to Help needed - Life saving ...

Several years ago I took up a collection in my office and raised a lot of money to help the victims of a famine in an African country. I took the money to the U.S. charity that had the best reputation for getting things done, and indeed they took a huge shipment of food to this country.

But when it got there it was intercepted by government agents who made the Americans go home. The government agents sold the food on the black market and used the money to buy weapons so they could start a war with the neighboring country while their own constituents were starving.

Are things any better in your country in 2006?

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Not really

by 24Coder In reply to Africa's dysfunctional go ...

Kenya is very peaceful actually, has never been involved in a war. (Thats why we have about a million tourist a year). On the other hand corruption used to be rampant in the past but now due to the knowledge economy, people - like you and me - know better.

I'd suggest linking with an agency thats already here like the Red Cross.

Despite all this, i believe we can make a positive impact in peoples lives somehow and show the human aspect of IT.

Charity begins at home.

PS: Goverments all over the world to me are the same,e.g US over katrina, UK over colonialism, etc etc.

Its up to the common man to make a difference, and that actually can include IT coders, engineers, analysts, managers, directors, etc.

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Helping Kenya

by jdclyde In reply to Not really

The local college collects old computers and they get sent over there.

Old 486 computes, old software, and old books.

This is another way that people can help. By donating the old crap sitting in your basement, you can help educate the people so they can get to the point of feeding themselves.

While this isn't in place of food right now, it is a good long term goal to be looking at.

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by kellen.kinyua In reply to Help needed - Life saving ...

hi, I'd like to help with the save a life project but i don't know how. please let me have more information so that i can assist where possible.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Help

This discussion is almost 20 months old, and 24coder hasn't been heard from in eight months. Since you're a student living in Kenya, I suggest you contact your school's student affairs organization. I'm sure they can put you in touch with a non-profit group who will be happy for your assistance.

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