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help punish this site

By tiza ·
i don't know if this qualifies as a discussion, but what i know is that i need help desparately.
You may guess from the topic that i am very angry and i'm. somebody is causing me problems and if i knew them, i would kick their A** real bad. thing is, my IE Browser has been hijacked by this cheap stinker using IP: everytime i start explorer & i'm a heavy internet user, this site comes up first with the extension: index.php?v=3, with the result that i ma directed to these search engines: and
this is very annoying. i have tried all i could to remove the crap but i can't find where its hiding, and its the second time. first time i had to re-inst wins so as to get rid of it & now like crap its back. ofcourse, apart from sharing with me your experiences, i would like to know if the're laws against this, and how can i make the a****** responsible pay for this bull***t, anyway would suit me fine.
please assist.

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Browser hijacks

by maxwell edison In reply to help punish this site

A risk of using the Internet is that you allow your computer to be connect to another's computer. What that other computer does, or the people controlling it, is a risk you assume by connecting in the first place. Porn sites are notorious for such practices.

The best thing you can do is to protect yourself. Im most cases, a simple firewall will prevent such activity.

Put a hardware firewall, in the form of an inexpensive router, between your computer and the Internet. In addition, use a firewall software, such as ZoneAlarm. You could get such a router for $50 - $100, and ZoneAlarm costs only around $40. It's an investment well worth making.

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By the way - an addendum to my message

by maxwell edison In reply to Browser hijacks

When it comes to routers, not all routers have built-in firewall capabilities. So make sure you get one that does.

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by tiza In reply to By the way - an addendum ...

thanks max,hope u don't mind. i am as of now connected to the Int, through a LAN, and the gateway server has all the neccessary security the guys can afford. i don't want to put a firewall on mine as this might reduce speed, thats according to me. so no chance to kick these guys' ***. anyway, how do i get rid of the nuisance then

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Firewall and speed

by maxwell edison In reply to

A firewall, such as Zonealarm, on your computer wouldn't affect the speed of anything.

Try a free demo (expires in 30 days)

Read all about it:

REMOVE SPACES from the pasted URLs.

By the way, Norton has one as well for about the same price.

No, there's nothing you can do to them to "get even". Besides, when a person wastes his time on "get-even-with-him-ism", he wastes the time that could otherwise be productive. There's nothing positive about revenge.

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Are there any HTML experts?

by maxwell edison In reply to Firewall and speed

Are there any HTML experts out there who could tell me why my message above appeared as it did?

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There's an extra space in the HTML

by Joseph Moore In reply to Firewall and speed

Just looking at the HTML source, I see what is going on.
On your "firewall and speed" post, after you have the link to HOME.JSP for ZA, the < BR > (extra spaces included so it shows up when I post this just in case!!!) tag is used to start the next line. Apparently, the carriage returns we use in these TR text boxes are translated into the Break HTML command; the < P > paragraph tags are not used.
So, when your post was converted into HTML, what it did was it added an extra space in the Break tag, so instead of being < BR > (again, with no spaces), it was converted into < B R > !!!
And, the < B > tag is Bold.
So, what is happening is that extra space Break tag is being interpreted by our browsers as a Bold tag. That is why the text is bold.
I've had this happen to some of my post also. Exactly why the Break tags are occasionally getting a Space between the B and R is something I can't even guess at.
But, at least know I know Why the bold, just not the Why of the Why!

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I've noticed that too

by Oz_Media In reply to Firewall and speed

At one point, I thought the new board was HMTL based, COOL, colors and italis for emphasis instead of SCREAMING all the time.(I think this adds to discussion problems as people don't know if you are yelling or simply stressing an word)

I buggered with some code on a test thread and no go. :-(

(Let me stop and say that I am not considering myself an html 'expert' but I do understand HTML and all the other various web scripts as I do build, maintain and position quite a few sites.)

I think it is in thier server side scripting where it BOLDS certain type. It is probably just not parsing forms properly sometimes.

Did you add the </br> your self or was that added by TR?


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It was not me

by maxwell edison In reply to I've noticed that too

I know some HTML as well, but I'm no expert either. I did not add the <br>. That was somehow added in the cut/paste process.

I'll usually, as I did in this case, write my message in the reply window provided, cut the text out of it, paste it into another program to run a spell-check, cut from there, and paste back into the reply window. (I use either Word or Outlook Express for the spell check. In this case, Outlook Express)

So the <br> was magically added, with or without the space, by the TR process.

(P.S. No cut and paste spell check was done with this message.)

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Not being fecicious

by Oz_Media In reply to It was not me

It's not your mistake Max,it is obviously the way the server side scripts are parsing or compliling the reply.

The only scripted format I see that could cause such an error, obviously without viewing scipts, is that it is Title text formatting. Thus the page break after the carriage retun. They are using CSS scripting so it is hard to determine the fault, but knowing your attention to detail quite well, I can with out any doubt whatsoever, this is NOT your error. You probably knew that but figured you point out the flaw anyway, so I'm not helping at all, bye Max.


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by Joseph Moore In reply to Browser hijacks

A new tool (well, new for me!) that I found is called HijackThis, and it is GREAT for diagnosing this. This tool is the best thing I have seen for analyzing IE and Netscape, listing all of the plugins and browser modifications that spyware and trojans do.
Get HijackThis here:

It is really detailed, and easy to use. Just download it, run it, and click the Scan button.
It will lists all of the components that could be taken over by spyware. To remove something, just click the checkbox associated with it, and click the Fix button.
That is it! Easy! I've used this at work on a couple machines that had problems, and it works like a champ!

Another useful link is to a tutorial on HijackThis:

That page will help you with identifying what HijackThis is reporting.

And don't forget spyware scan and remove tools like Ad-aware.

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