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help save the environment!!

By Jaqui ·

seems an oil company has applied to get rights to drill for oil in an arctic wildlife refuge.

help stop this from happening by signing the petition that world wildlife federation has at the above url.

though, it seems that the wonderful, corrupt leadership in the states will allow it, bush has an interest in the oil company that wants to do the drilling.

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Maybe some of us want drilling in ANWR

by Montgomery Gator In reply to help save the environment ...

I have no problem with drilling in ANWR. As an American citizen, I want the government to sell oil leases to expand our domestic oil production and make money for the treasury and provide employment. I want to find a petition to support the drilling!!

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why I'm for it and against it both

by jck In reply to Maybe some of us want dri ...

a) I'm against it because:

There is a high potential to cause environmental damage there that is irreversible.

There is the likelihood the government and people will benefit very little, and private interest will benefit to a limited set of individuals at the top.

b) I'm for it because:

If the World Wildlife Federation supports it, they can kiss my huge white butt...cause they sued the World Wrestling Federation over a damn abbreviation...the tree-hugging hippie bastards. Save the world...kill a human...preferably the stupid or annoying ones.

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Having a rough day?

by jdclyde In reply to why I'm for it and agains ...

Get up on the wrong side of the bed?

See too many stupid, annoying people today?


As for a). don't forget this creates jobs for working class people. Save the world, by not making new jobs?

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by jck In reply to Having a rough day?

well...production of alternative fuel units would make jobs too, but you don't see the execs at BP and Texaco chasing that down to keep people employed.

The number of jobs it would create would be insignificant and pose a real and imminent threat to the environment in the area.

Just look at what happened in the 70s with all the wildcatting in Oklahoma and Texas. There was practically a spill every year on the Gulf of Mexico. Yeah, it made jobs for a couple thousand oil workers. But, how many shop owners, waitresses, barbers, bartenders and stuff did it put out of work for months due to lack of tourist trade in Padre, Galveston and all along the Texas coast while there was 1-4 inches of crude on the beaches???

Ya gotta look past the immediate fiscal benefit to what happens if a probable scenario (like an oil spill) occurs. Guaranteed once they approved it, the Bush administration would let oil companies move in there without a fully comprehensive analysis and plan. Those are, after all, his old running buddies.

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b) WWF

by stress junkie In reply to why I'm for it and agains ...

I was thinking the same thing when I read that the petition was at a WWF site. I'm really pissed at them over taking the World Wrestling Federation's right to use WWF as a trademark. It's not like anyone would mistake wrestling for wildlife. Duh.

But I don't agree with the part about "..the tree-hugging hippie bastards". The tree hugging is a separate issue. Frankly I don't understand why people think that "tree hugging" is a bad thing. A thinking person would have to understand that if we develop every square inch of land then we will run out of oxygen and water. The wildlife is part of the big machine that we need to stay alive. If you don't care about whether caribou habitat is destroyed then you should at least care about whether human habitat is destroyed; and the caribou are part of that human habitat.

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by jck In reply to b) WWF

I was being facetious. "That's a bunch tree-hugging hippie crap!" is an Eric Cartman line...I was just doing my best Cartman.

I agree on the WWF, more people knew WWF as the wrestling than the wildlife organization. But, I think they won the trademark because they had been using it in ads and stuff longer and based their case on that.

Personally, I think a bunch of those wrestlers should go let a bunch of raccoons loose on those wildlife guy's houses and take pictures of them killing those poor creatures.

Ya know they would...just like PETA people will put animals down in shelters although killing the animal and then using part of it is a crime to them.

oh well...another bit of humour I attempted that goes on

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But isn't that how copyright is derived?

by Oz_Media In reply to dude...

If one company has been using a logo, company name, motto etc. in a specific area and someone else tries to use it, they are infringing on another persons trade.

I had a band I was marketing in Sweden about 8 years ago, they had been sellni gCD's all over Europe for several years and then another SWEDISH based band started using a similar logo. The case was INSTANTLY thrown out because the band I represented had been marketing with that logo for several years.

First come first serve.

So if WWF is a WORLD organization, they have a right to fight any other globally marketed company that uses the same name, logo etc.

There are some loppholes though. If my band had been marketed in Germany, UK and NOT being sold in Sweden, then the Swedish band could have legally used that logo BUT would have been unable to do so in Germany and teh UK. THat's why global distribution is VERY important in music, it's a fight to be first on the shelf, even if with a half a**ed, two song demo, once the name is marketed it is theirs.

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Aye laddie

by stress junkie In reply to dude...

jck: "oh well...another bit of humour I attempted that goes on"

me: I've had the same thing happen on a regular basis. We're not going to make our fortunes in comedy. As you say, life goes on. :-)

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I have to agree

by jdclyde In reply to Maybe some of us want dri ...

I would rather see North American citizens getting the jobs to make the sites and run the drills than someone in the Middle East.

Bring jobs and revenue here.

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the problem is

by Jaqui In reply to I have to agree

they will just move a crew and rig from where it's no longer needed, not hire anyone.

so it's not a possible new jobs thing.
it's a probable no new jobs.

about the only guarantee is environmental damage.
( did you know that most rig workers in the middle east are either american or canadian? and they don't pay taxes anywhere for that work )

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