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By jsuess ·
I need some serious help here. I'm creating a production report with totals for four different product types. Those being: cloth, miscel, furniture, and OLI. The report is not grouped by product type. It needs to be grouped by source and date. However, I'd like my grouped totals by source to only total cloth and miscel weights. I'd also like four text boxes at the bottom that display totals for each product type for all sources and dates. So basically I need two different expressions, one that says "total all weight for products cloth and miscel in this grouping" and one that says "sum of all weight for product type cloth".

How can I do this? I've tried DSum and IIf to no avail. I just get that #Error in the text box in form view. How could I write this? The fields are [ProductID], the values for which are cloth, miscel, furniture and oli and [Sum of Weight] which is the amount collected on whatever day from whatever source.

Thanks so much!!!! I'm at the end of my rope.

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Location of sums

by Maevinn In reply to Help with Access Expressi ...

=Sum([Sum of Weight]) should work, but make sure you have it in the right block. If you aren't grouping based on the source, it will be more complicated, but otherwise, have that field display in the footer for the group.

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That only returns a sum...

by jsuess In reply to Location of sums

I do have that formula, it's being used in the group footers. But the problem is that I have four types of product: cloth, miscel, furniture and oli, in the [ProductID] field. Each one has a quantity value in [Sum of Weight]. In my group footer, I only want cloth and miscel added togethor, but with Sum[SumofWeight] I get all the product types.

At the bottom, I want four totals. One for all cloth weight, one for all miscel, etc.

I know I need to give that Sum function some rules so it doesn't return the value of all quantities of all product types. I just need some help writing that expression.


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