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    help with viewing your web site


    by 4dcc ·

    This problem started about 30 days age. I use Netscape for browsing. Every thing works great except when I view the TECHREPUBLIC web site.
    This page loads and when the frame on the far right side loads(An Add for the HOT SPOT) the whole page shifts to the left. The slide bar that appears at the bottom is all the way to the left so the first three to four letters of each line are cut off with no way to move the page around. Your Web site ok with IE.
    Netscape and IE work with out problem on ALL other
    web sites. Have you had other complaints? No option found in Netscape that would help with this!

    Thanks for any help you may have.

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      Reply To: help with viewing your web site

      by thechas ·

      In reply to help with viewing your web site

      Hello Doug,

      Are you a new member here at TR?

      Just to let you know, both the Technical Q&A section and the Discussion Center are peer to peer forums and are only loosely monitored by the staff at Tech Republic.

      If you desire to contact Tech Republic directly, you need to use the Help link near the bottom of most Tech Republic pages. Near the bottom of the FAQ list is a link to contact TR.

      That said, which version of Netscape are you using?

      And, what OS do you have and which version of Internet Explorer is installed?

      I’m running XP Pro SP2 and have no problems viewing the TR pages with Netscape 8, Firefox 1.0.7, or IE 6 SP2.

      Netscape 4.8 is another story. But, you can expect to have problems with LOTS of web sites with older browsers.

      When I just viewed the site from Netscape 8, Netscape selected IE mode over Firefox mode for the TR pages.

      So, provide the details of how your system is setup, and we can attempt to find a solution.


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