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Help with windows install

By byteside ·
I have two brand new motherboards, #1. Soyo SY-7ISA+ Socket 370 PIII 700Mhz 100Mhz bus. Intel 815E chipset. #2. PC Chips M787CL+, VIA C-3 giga pro integrated 733 Mhz cpu. SiS 630 Chipset. 133 Mhz system bus. Each used 256 MB ram. #1 has 2 UDMA/100 connectors. #2 has 2 UDMA/66 connectors. Tried Seagate Barracuda Ultra ATA II 30.6 gig Hard drive. Model St330630A in both machines and get same error durring install of windows. win98 can not read cab files. win2k can not format HD in NTFS. Tried to install win98 by coping to HD and run install from there. Did not work. Tried boot from floppy. did not work. every way i try to install 98 get can not read cab files. tried different cd. No go. Tried different cd drive. No go. Same thing for both motherboards. Win2k never makes it past format NTFS. BIOS on both motherboards recognizes HD. Can partition on both motherboards, 98 or 2000. Put HD in different older machine (200) Mhz cpu with same CD rom drive and CD and win2K installs perfectly. What is up?

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This is better off in the Q&A forum/

by Oz_Media In reply to Help with windows install

Sorry, but questions such as this should really be posted to the Q&A section of this website.
You will find more responses and relevant answers if you post in the Q&A because members visit there specifically to help people with problems such as yours.

Good luck

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by byteside In reply to Help with windows install

I will post in the Q&A.

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No Need

by Oz_Media In reply to sorry

No need to apologize, it is very common for questions to be posted in the Discussion forum.
It is just more effective and you will get more responses via the right forum.

Good luck,

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