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By jmorgan ·
Joust out of curiousity has anyone come across a helpdesk top 25 questions? I have been given the task of coming up with a list of questions and their answers for general PC/network problems that can occur within our structure. Most of these questions are going to be general in nature (i.e are you connected to the network?). Normally this is not a big deal to put together but there is a time constraint. (2 days! Nothing like giving us IT people time to accomplish a task So I am putting the question out to you and see what we can come up with.

Thanks for all the help.

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by JamesRL In reply to Helpdesk top 25

If I was your management, I would be less than impressed if you got the list from the internet.

I am guessing that the reason they want the list is to focus on what issues they need to resolve through training, better communication, process improvements or technical improvements. The point would be they want your list of top 25.

Do you not have a help desk tracking system? That would be the place to start.


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by jschein In reply to Helpdesk top 25

LMAO... good... Are you trying to get a job in the IT industry? Do you not already know at least 100 top questions and can't sort them out?

1. Does the help desk know what it's doing?

This one.. Probably not

2. How come it's taking so long for everything to get fixed?

This one.. Probably because the tech is fishing on the web

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