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Here's one for the USA

By house ·

Heh - Have a good one. Don't burn down the tool-shed.

Alright, alright - have a good 4th too.


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Oh we are the funny one.....

by jdclyde In reply to Here's one for the USA

Thanks and right back at you!

We celebrate by getting drunk and then play with explosives.

How do tree huggers celebrate "Canada Day"?

They doon teach us dat in publik edeaucateion.

Drive safe and assume everyone else is a complete idiot and you will make it!

(how is the management shift coming?)

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Extremely Busy

by house In reply to Oh we are the funny one.. ...

I spend more time answer questions and talking to people than I do getting my own work done. I'll get sidetracked by one thing, only to get stuck in a brutal chain of inquiries.

Recently, I've taken over some of the tasks relating to the job function of two of our main billing and sales reps who happened to quit without notice two months ago, within a week of each other.

One of my co-workers and I are currently mapping out our sales process and redefining the different job categories of our staff. I see now why it was so frustrating for our two friends. I need everyone to think for themselves without having to consult with me on the same issues time and time again. As well, I need everyone to just do what they have to do without asking me to do it, or even notifying me of it at all. AAARRRGGGGGGGG.

Once a day, I'll go hide in some dark corner to finish my work... I need an office with a door that I can lock.

I'm just nagging. It's nice to finally be working a job that is not predefined. And I love referring people to our support department - enough of that - the only support I handle is second tier, and even that bypasses me if the issue is related to our prgramming, software, and web development areas.


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OH the first lesson in Management

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Extremely Busy

Pass the buck as often as possible and always do it when ever possible.

Don't make any decisions that you can pass up the food chain to have made and if you are constantly running around with a hand full of paper you can actually look busy with out actually doing anything.

Col ]:)

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