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By Jaqui ·
a good deal on a dream home."

actually, I'm working on designing my own.
but living on a yacht is definately the way to go.

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oh, gosh, I'm in love....

by gadgetgirl In reply to here's


that's a real goody! Puts my 1928 ex Thames tug to shame, but to me she's beautiful, even if she's not an oil painting.

One of these days, I WILL figure out how to get her foto on my blog....promise!

Here in the UK, we pay mooring fees by the foot, so that one would be pretty pricey!

If you're serious about designing your own, feel free to ask questions (Him On Board is a marine sparky) and if you need any feedback, you know where I am.

ok, have to stop drooling now, keyboard getting dribble-logged.....


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see, we

by Jaqui In reply to oh, gosh, I'm in love....

do have something in common.

I'm using a 3d modelling app to create a model for what I want... going S.W.A.T.H.

the moorage is the same worldwide, by the foot.
here though, for a mere $500.00 Cdn we can go with roadstead instead of finding a morring berth that will handle the dimensions I'm aiming for.

45 meters loa with a 15 meter beam.

being swath, a deep draft by default. wanting to go with asipods. ( 4 )

and use a fuel cell system with solar panels for topup for main power supply. backup would be diesel genset.

the modelling app I"m using has the layers, which will allow for export into usable dxf to get blueprints printed up.

me maternal gandda was a marine mechanic... spending time with him on his own boats as a child has paid off in knowledge usefull for this hobby project.

the Cora Marie, when I first saw her listed 4 years ago was at an asking price of 1.3 million USD Firm. dropped to 850 thou USD Firm.
she's been on the market for 6 years.

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so does that mean

by gadgetgirl In reply to see, we

that in another 6 years you'll be able to afford her?!

Boat prices can be so silly. Downright extortionate. I can see why you want to build your own. As a hobby, how long do you think this will take you to do?

You got a Gandda too?! Both my ganddas were sea faring, not sure what Pa's dad was but Ma's dad was an engine room artificer. (Crikey, had to concentrate when typing that one!)

Word to the wise - keep an eye on local legislations as to what you can, do, keep, store on board. It's an absolute minefield, and well worth knowing. Had we known about the ecological EU bit on waste tanks, we could have built one in instead of being left with one of those stupid, silly, illogical, useless, aggravating chemical jobs...

What? No, I DON'T like them!


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by Jaqui In reply to so does that mean

I figure I'll take another year just to get thelayout done for the model.
adding in the wiring, plumbing...
a year after that.

blackwater dumpinmg is illegal, fortunately there are facilities to pump the tanks all over the area, including a mobile unit that will come to you.
( when anchored in the roadstead )

my pa's was working for hydro, the transit department, back when they ran the transit system.

my ma's was a ships engineer / mechanic, one of his last jobs was to put brand new engines into a police boat that was getting retired.. into a museum. ( the St. Roch )

I'm only about 15 minute walk from local coast guard station, easy to keep up on the changes in regs.

show "He that is Aboard" the cora marie. >:)

9' draft, 1400 gallon diesel tanks cruise at 12 knots.
it would take a couple of months but a crew of 4 could run her over there for ya. :)

though, after being at doc for 6 years waiting for sale, there will be a fair bit of work to get her seaworthy, even though she went from refit to dock. the cosmetics will be okay, but no way would I even think if taking her for anything longer than a hour straight run in harbour until after going over absolutely everything... not even to bring her from Nanaimo to Vancouver. ( about 1'35" in protected waters)

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by gadgetgirl In reply to well

done, if only to show the bar on board....!


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but why

by Jaqui In reply to okay!

did you have to google, that is the ship in the link I posted. ~L~

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by gadgetgirl In reply to but why

I realised that, that's why I edited instead of googled!

(Understand - this is NE England, it's around 80 degrees, hot, sunny, stifling, I'm not good in heat, it's nearly hometime, it's nearly friday, and why this part of the UK has suddenly turned into the tropics and fried my brain, I have no idea....)


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by Jaqui In reply to but why

it's yet to heat up here today
( only 8:52 am at time of posting )


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so that means

by gadgetgirl In reply to but why

it's hometime for me!


Cold can awaits in the fridge, and I can't wait to wrap myself round it - literally! Need it to subdue the heat rash!

Don't work too hard!


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by Jaqui In reply to but why

I don't start until 3:30 pm here.

my contract has me starting my work week at 3:30 pm today.. for next four daya.. then it's weekend ( monday and tuesday next week. )
me going back to bed for a bit more sleep now. :)

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